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Getting Your “Wow”
Factor Outfit Combining


Meet Linda

Learn the New Paradigm of
Beauty (It might surprise you).



Discover your planetary body type
in Stellar Beauty School.


Here is what Sue says about Stellar Beauty School, Coming Home to the Real You:

“Learning my planetary body types in Stellar Beauty School has given me a renewed sense of purpose. Linda has unleashed my recognition of what I am good at and how I personally can contribute and shine in the world. This is interesting, as I was considering going into retirement this year! A whole other proposition now needs to be considered. I feel a responsibility to act out my purpose. My new mantra is Create, Connect, Inspire.

If you want to really and truly understand how your gifts and your body can help the world, then Stellar Beauty School is for you. Your unique purpose is assisted by the divine body you were given. This course helps you understand and move forward with confidence and strength.” – Sue Donnelley, UK

My Passion Project is nearing completion!

I have been busy transforming how women feel about their bodies by giving them a whole new way to define themselves and their style.

It’s all in my new book:

Stellar Beauty

The Look Good, Feel Great Guide to Celebrating the Body You Live In

If you want to get insider news on publish dates and a chance to win a free copy, sign-up here!

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