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Hello, I'm Linda

With 25 plus years as a signature stylist and a background as a clothing designer, cosmetics creator and professional makeup artist , I have always been frustrated with how the marketing of "ideal" beauty and fashion manipulates women to feel they aren't good, attractive, fit, or thin enough.

So, I took ten years to develop a style system that gives you a deep appreciation for your unique beauty, natural body and special talents. so you can step out into the world emboldened with confidence wearing clothes that are as special as you are.

Inspiring women to celebrate their inner genius and outer style

The Stellar Beauty Types

The style system of Stellar Beauty types

I created is based on a decade's worth of research and interpretation of the ancient teaching of planetary types and is the first to connect the deeper essence of who you are with your personal style.

The examples of these fully-fledged seven types representing the diverse spectrum of female beauty are a window to you seeing yourself in a new and powerful way.








Linda's Services

Specializing in styling C-suite women

Award-winning, inside-out, head-to-toe VIP-style services that transform the daily ritual of getting dressed into an effortless celebration of your personal style so you can actualize the life you've dreamed of with an improved body image, a deep sense of your gifts and talents, and a keen awareness of the clothes that make you look and feel fabulous!

Thin Line

Client Transformations

"I now give myself full permission to shine!"

-Laura Dunn Lee, TN


January 24, 2023

The New Paradigm of Beauty

The narrow standards of societal beauty you grew up with are as dated as a phone book. The following seven statements will empower you to redefine your relationship with your body and your beauty.

Are you ready to let yourself shine with happy clothes that rock your body and boost your energy?

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