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My Own Transformation

My passion for changing cultural beauty standards led me to look outside the style and beauty industries for something new to empower women to be authentic and dress for themselves.

That is when I discovered and dedicated myself to interpreting the ancient system of the seven planetary types. When I started researching the information, something surprising happened to me along the way that sparked my own transformation.

I realized I am a combination of two very different types that together are responsible for my gifts, challenges, and the way I instinctively dress. For years I felt conflicted about who I was and how I was supposed to behave because one part of me was sweet and positive and the other tough and determined.

One side of me is delicate, artistic, joyous, full of light, deeply empathetic, and very feminine. This is the Solar type in me that loves puffed sleeves and skirts, transparent ethereal fabrics, and feminine styles.

The other side-my Mars type- is edgy, athletic, and insists on the truth. I am a Boston Marathon finisher and can ski the pants off most men. I am hard-wired to overcome obstacles and inspire people to achieve their goals. I speak up when women are being minimized and as a stylist, I am truthful about the clothes that don't do my clients justice. I like to add a little "toughness" to my style like camo pants, structured jackets, or chunky boots.

Bringing these opposite types together provided me with much clarity and inner healing that I am both types equally. I became more intentional about mixing feminine and masculine pieces together to create my signature style I have helped countless women appreciate themselves in a deeper, more meaningful way and find joy in expressing their unique style.

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My Approach to Dressing Authentically

Know Your Strengths and Dress Accordingly For Yourself

You were born with unique beauty and essential gifts to share with the world and the clothes you wear should be as personal and individually special as you are. You are so much more than your body's shape or your job description. The system of Stellar Beauty types I created clarifies the parts of you that are vital to express in your clothes to feel truly confident and authentic so you can go after what you want in life.

Linda lives with her husband and two cats in California and British Columbia in the winter. From Paris to San Francisco she has shopped and curated looks for hundreds of special clients from hard-working moms to C-suite women.

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