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The 7 Paradigms of Stellar Beauty

This is the new paradigm of Stellar Beauty.

It's not about possessing society's idea of beauty or how you look to others but how you feel inside your body and the energy you exude to the world around you.

Be your body's best friend. Best friends love each other no matter what. They don't have to be perfect, in fact, they are protective of each other's quirks and uniqueness. Best friends defend each other's right to live and be who they want to be. Take a firm stance that you will defend your body from any negativity coming from unsupportive societal messages or thoughts coming from your own mind. People will sense the harmony and self-love you possess and SEE your beauty.

Thin Line

The style and beauty industries would have you believe that perfect makeup, styled hair, and gorgeous clothes make you beautiful. They promise you a happier, more youthful life if you buy their products. 😠😡🤬 Since its creation in the 1950s, fashion and cosmetic manufacturers and their media advertisers (all men for decades) have dictated beauty standards and affected how you perceive beauty and, ultimately, how you feel about yourself.

But, the truth is that others won’t see your beauty until you feel it for yourself in your body, mind, and heart.

I invite you to take charge of what beauty means for you and own it. Give yourself VIP entrance to the new beauty club in town I call Stellar Beauty. Be delighted with yourself, walk to your own rhythm, love the way you feel in your body, and smile at yourself in the mirror. Only love can bring beauty out, and believe me, when you are grooving with self-love, people take notice.

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"Having beauty is


to own it."

Linda Buckman

You were born beautiful and when you were little, you knew this. You enjoyed being in your body, poking your tummy with glee, and running free. But then came the teenage years and the pressures to conform to cultural beauty standards. This is the time when most women start comparing themselves to models and celebrities and stop believing they are beautiful.

But the truth is that your beauty never went away and the great thing about growing older is that you get to choose what you want to believe about yourself. You can also choose to dump the imposed beauty standards you grew up with.

Being beautiful really is a choice…Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful.

Thin Line

When the marketed ideal beauty doesn’t bother you anymore, you know you have conquered the compare and despair game woman have played with themselves since they were young. When you can stand next to a classically beautiful, tall, and thin woman and not feel an ounce of longing to look like her, you have won the battle over societal conditioning of beauty.

Woo hoo! Good for you!

You are beautiful!

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"A wardrobe's job is to

love and serve its master."

Linda Buckman

modern closet with clothes

When you open your closet door, every item should be ready to go to work for you. Anything that slacks off from gracing your body, supporting your life, or making you happy doesn’t deserve to be there.

Women wear only 10-20% of the clothes in their closets, which means you probably have some slackers that are taking up precious real estate in yours. If you could have a wardrobe that makes your heart sing, what lovely items would be in it?

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"What you wear

shows how well

you know yourself."

Linda Buckman

Your clothes are a reflection of you. They tell the world how well you care for yourself, how connected you are to your body, and how willing you are to express yourself with enthusiasm and confidence. When you know your best colors, fabric textures, fabric weights, cuts, styles, and accessories, you can create and have fun with a style that is completely your own. I have spent 20+ years perfecting a system that quickly targets all these things for you so you can have a wardrobe that feels great and helps you shine in your own unique way.

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"Great personal style happens when you embrace your body as the perfect vessel for expressing your uniqueness."

Linda Buckman

When you and your body are the best of friends and support each other’s needs, getting dressed is a lovely journey of finding your unique expression. You don’t think about dressing to blend or fit into your environment. You think about wearing clothes that give you joy and make you feel good. You take the time to learn the colors, fabrics, and styles that look and feel fabulous on your body. Caring about and connecting with your body opens the door to having a beautiful personal style.

Are you ready to let yourself shine with happy clothes that rock your body and boost your energy?

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