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Are you a powerful woman who is ready to take on the world… except you just can’t find the right thing to wear?

  • Maybe you’re struggling to feel at ease in your body.
  • Maybe you’re mystified by all the choices in fashion styles, cuts, colors and fabrics, and feel confused about what might be best for you.
  • Maybe you’re overwhelmed by the never-ending process of trying to find clothes you hope to love only to return them over and over.
  • Maybe you’re frustrated after wasting money on clothes you never wear… again and again.

If any of these descriptions fits you—you’re in the right place!

I’ve been in your shoes, the ones that hurt your feet… and in that skirt that cuts your legs in the wrong place and that blazer that gives you man-shoulders…

But here’s the amazing part: I know how to get you where you want to go.

After two decades in the fashion industry, I’ve developed a sharp intuitive sense for the clothes that fit, the colors that work, and most importantly, the unique essence that makes up every woman I work with.

As your personal stylist, I will get to know you deeply, and align myself with your personal vision: your passions, your strengths, your dreams for your life. Then, I will use my exquisite eye for design to help you see your body as a work of art. Together, we’ll work to let go of old beliefs about your body, and step into your unique beauty with confidence and ease.

I believe in the creation of a new paradigm: that beauty is a woman who loves her body like a best friend. You and I will work together to move into that paradigm. I am dedicated to providing a safe, non-judgmental space for every woman I have the honor of guiding. I know that the majority of women (even the ones that make things look “perfect” on the outside) struggle with body-related issues. So your tears, if they come, are welcome here.

Your laughter is also welcome—and I guarantee we’ll have plenty of it! The process of finding the clothes that love your body back can be tons of fun, even if you’ve never considered shopping “fun” before.

We’ll work with my brand new Stellar Beauty Style System (based on my book; check it out here), the first style system ever to suggest that your inherent body type is not only beautiful, but also built to help you fulfill your goals and dreams. The Stellar Beauty Style System celebrates the full diversity of women, from the soft, curvy, feminine “Yin” types to the straight-lined, tomboy-ish “Yang” types. I even use planetary archetypes (like Lunar, Solar, Venusian, etc) to further help us work with our bodies and all their unique idiosyncrasies.

As we start to tune in to YOU, I’ll get to know your body’s proportions and tell you how to balance them.  I’ll analyze your skin tones for your loveliest colors. We will create your style formula that makes getting dressed a cinch. I’ll investigate designers and styles around the globe, hand selecting pieces that work beautifully for your body and your life. Ultimately, I’ll curate your wardrobe so that you’ve got a selection of clothes that feel great in any situation you might find yourself. And I’ll teach you how to put them together in so many combinations that you’ll never get bored!

You will save time and money, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You’ll also experience a quantum leap in confidence, a deeper connection to your body, and a new level of success in your business and relationships.

As one of my clients shared: “Working with Linda is fashion therapy of the fabulous kind. My wardrobe and perceptions about my body have transformed. I see myself through an appreciation of my individual beauty, and she teaches me how integrate and express it in a signature way.”

And as another put it: “Linda helps you see your body as a work of art. The result is astounding.”

Ready to start to journey of befriending your body and revolutionizing your style? To schedule an initial session with me, click here.

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