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The New Paradigm of Beauty

True beauty isn’t about aligning yourself with society’s current and changing obsessions around what’s “ideal.” It’s about raining your eyes to recognize the physical and individual splendor of yourself, and reclaiming the true beauty you were born with! This paradigm shift allows for a whole new approach to having fabulous personal style. We’re all born with unique beauty, and the clothes we wear should be as personal and individual as we are.

The new paradigm of beauty involves the following work:

  • Belonging in your body. This means loving and owning your body like a faithful friend, and extending yourself the love and self-acceptance you give to others. This creates a sense of belonging, ease, and naturalness that gives you a powerful dose of confidence. The short: enjoy being in your own skin!
  • Owning your beauty. If you can’t look in the mirror and say, “I am beautiful,” you have work to do. This problem is ours to resolve, but we aren’t the ones who created it. Commercialism has dictated different standards of socially acceptable “beauty” at the expense of our own body-esteem. It’s fabricated to make you feel vulnerable, selling products that promise you the life and happiness you’ve always dreamed of… if only you were: thinner, taller, more this, and less that. You MUST do the work of owning your unique beauty from that deep place within.
  • Stop pouring your energy into “being thin.” Society’s slogan at the beginning of the twenty-first century has changed from “thin is in” to “fit is it,” with the emphasis on beautify now being thing and in “good shape.” With the added pressure of needing toned arms and legs, of course. The idea that you must lose weight, change your nose or bust size, lift your face, firm up, or sweat for hours at the gym to be beautiful is as outdated as a phone book. You’re meant to enjoy the body you were born into, and it’s important to redirect that energy of “being thin” or “being ___” towards loving yourself and working with all the natural beauty you’ve got!

You were born beautiful into a world with narrow standards of beauty and you are designed to nurture your beauty as you age. Stellar Beauty is your birthright and meant to last a lifetime. It’s about having fun living in your body.

The first step to reclaiming your Stellar Beauty is becoming consciously aware of negative body image chatter floating around in your head. I call this voice of adversity the Beast, that critical voice in your head that bullies you into thinking you aren’t beautiful.

You can start this work with a simple exercise: Draw three columns on a piece of paper. In one column, write down a detailed description of the female ideal beauty today and include comments about her body from head to toe.

Read one of the physical qualities out loud and compare it to your own body. Write down any differences between the ideal and your body in the second column. Tune in to your mind as you write and notice any negative thoughts. Write down the negatives too. Repeat this step until you have read each ideal physical quality in the first column.

Congratulations! You just got the Beast out of your subconscious mind and down on paper! Now you have the opportunity to re-write your reality by turning each beastly thought into a beauty. List your new beauty statements in the third column.

For example: “My legs are ugly because they are too short.”

Re-write: “My sporty legs give me a low center of gravity for skiing.”

Remember, beauty and stellar style start from within.

My hope is that by getting to know and understand your Stellar Beauty you will embrace the design of your body, recognize its purpose in your life; appreciate its gifts and lovingly chuckle at its flaws.

One thought on “The New Paradigm of Beauty

  1. I like the way you teach us to organize thoughts about our bodies; especially creating a positive direction for a negative thought.

    We need to accept and love our bodies; and learn how to accentuate the positives.

    Clothes really do give us the confidence we need to project ourselves the best way we can.

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