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Global stylist and author Linda Buckman created the Stellar Beauty Feminine Yin/Tomboy Yang Style Quiz for you to discover the surprising connection between the clothes you love and who you are, both inside and out… meet Linda now.

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From your quiz results, you now know the three most important aspects of your personal style: your inner temperament, your body type, and your facial traits. You scored each aspect in the quiz to be either Feminine Yin or Tomboy Yang.

I’m all Tomboy Yang: 3 to 3 (temperament, body, and face) Yang    

I’m mostly Tomboy Yang: 2 to 1 Yang

I’m all Feminine Yin: 3 to 3 (temperament, body, and face) Yin

I’m mostly Feminine Yin:  2 to 1 Yin

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