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What Clothes Can Really Do For You and the Secret That Will Change Your Life

What Clothes Can Really Do For You and the Secret That Will Change Your Life

If you are the type of woman who believes clothes are strictly practical to help you get where you need to go, you haven’t experienced what clothes can really do for you.

Don’t get me wrong… clothes ought to be practical, but they have the potential to elevate your mood on a daily basis. Not utilizing clothes this way is the same as having a cell phone and not knowing how to use it to make your life work better.

So here is the truth……

Your wardrobe can boost your energy the same way your daily cup of joe or green smoothie does.

No kidding!

Your clothes are meant to serve your desire to be a happy, well-lived and confident individual, but most importantly – like the people who support your well-being – your clothes need to love you for who you are. That means they need to LOVE YOUR BODY.

When you are in a store dressing room trying on potential wardrobe candidates and nothing seems to fit, do you blame your body? Most women do.

If you get nothing else from this article, remember this…there is nothing wrong with your body…the fashion wannabes in your dressing room just aren’t good enough for your body. Blame the clothes.

Clothes that love your body are the ones you look really good in. For example, let’s say you wear a beautifully fitting jacket in a color that brightens your face and feels luscious on your skin. When your body moves in it, you generate a powerful harmonious energy that others sense and reflect back to you with a smile or compliment. When you wear the same jacket again, those happy memories get triggered in your brain and you automatically feel better. This is how favorite clothes become favorites.

The fit, fabric, color and style of a favorite come together to look and feel good on your body today, not the body you had many years ago. A favorite could be an oldie but-goodie like your favorite pair of jeans or something you recently purchased.

But you don’t need a compliment from someone to experience this mood-boosting phenomenon. You will see and feel it for yourself when you look in the mirror!

Now imagine the burst of energy you would get opening your closet door to a wardrobe filled with happy favorites! Wouldn’t that be awesome?

I know what you are asking…how come I don’t have that?

Let’s address the elephant in the closet first. It’s not always a happy place to be. Statistics tell us that women wear 10%-20% of the clothes they own and blame themselves and their bodies for wasting money on the rest. If you are like most women, you feel frustration and guilt over wardrobe mishaps or last-minute purchases that didn’t work out. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

There are far too many misfits, style imposters, unflattering colors, and unsavory fabrics hanging in closets across the globe. Forgiving yourself for past mistakes is the first step to having a wardrobe you love. Letting go of what doesn’t work is the second step.

One of the main reasons women have such a poor track record wearing what they buy is that a fashion failure can feel like a personal failure. Guilt causes you to doubt your ability to move your style forward. Guilt is what keeps the 80% of your clothes you don’t wear in your closet far longer than they should. If they continue to occupy your precious wardrobe real estate, your style can stagnate and before you know it, you are in a fashion rut.

What are your reasons for hanging on to clothes you don’t wear? Could it be:

  • When I lose the weight, I can wear this again.
  • My dear friend gave this to me, so I can’t get rid of it.
  • I spent good money on this. What a waste!
  • I don’t deserve to have perfectly fitting clothes because I don’t like my body anyway.
  • They are just clothes. I don’t have to love them. Mediocre is fine.
  • It’s too much trouble to try everything on. My wardrobe is a drain on my energy.
  • Happy clothes are just too hard to find, so I have to settle for what’s available.

So, here is the TRUTH.

All the excuses you throw at yourself in favor of keeping your wardrobe “losers” won’t make you wear them any more than before.

and the GOOD NEWS…

Letting go of clothes you don’t wear means you get to pass them along to someone else, and believe me, it feels great! You don’t have to throw everything out and start over. All you need to do right now is make a simple, yet life-changing decision.  It goes something like this…

” I am worth having clothes that look and feel great on me.”

When you decide you’re worth it, then it’s easy to let go of stuff that doesn’t work (oh, what a relief it is) and eliminate wardrobe anxiety for good! You just need a way to determine what goes and what stays and, as I can testify from the closets I’ve seen, this can easily slide you into overwhelm. You can probably think of ten things you would rather be doing than cleaning out your closet! (Read through to the end of this article for a chance to win my wardrobe reorg kit and you will be on your way to having happy clothes!).

Trying to figure out if something from your wardrobe should be removed, or, as I like to say, “be put out to pasture,” isn’t always the easiest thing to do. But, there are definite reasons why things sit in your closet and never get worn. Understanding WHY you don’t wear them makes it easy to say “Hasta la vista, baby.”


If a garment doesn’t fit, you won’t wear it. If the fabric doesn’t feel good on your skin, you won’t wear it. Color plays a big role because unflattering colors make you look and feel off and, lastly, if the style doesn’t match your current personal style, it will sit in your closet occupying precious real estate.

I created a way to say “goodbye” to the dead wood in your closet and avoid overwhelm with the House of Style Wardrobe Reorg do-it-yourself wardrobe kit. It helps you easily separate your clothing winners from their wannabe contenders and not only helps you make confident decisions about what to keep and what must go, it enlightens you to what pieces you love and why you love them.

One step at a time, you will divide your clothes into these categories:

  • FAVORITES – energy boosters
  • ESSENTIALS – I wear them all the time
  • RARE TREASURES – special occasion keepers
  • ORPHANS – desperately seeking good partners
  • IMPOSTERS – former versions of me
  • CLEANERS/FIXERS – stains, spills, snags, buttons, seams, hemlines
  • FUNKY FABRICS – Itchy, limp, worn
  • MISFITS – pulls, hangs, pinches

Your Favorites and Essentials are the foundation for building a wardrobe of happy clothes and the Wardrobe Reorg Kit helps you identify what they say about your style and what is missing. Once you select them, I’m happy to chat with you about how to begin adding feel good, look good pieces that will boost your energy and elevate your mood.

Click here to book your 30-minute free consultation!

The secrets I use to organize my private clients’ closets are now available to you and you have a chance to win The House of Style Wardrobe Reorg kit normally a $300 value!

Just be one of the first three to post a comment about this article, the Secret Role of Clothes, and you will receive your very own set of wardrobe dividers and a handy wardrobe planner to use year after year.

The good news about editing your wardrobe this way is you don’t have to try on every darn thing to decide whether something goes or stays. Many things simply need a visual inspection.  Schedule yourself some “me” time to do your wardrobe edit so you aren’t interrupted by kids, partners, pets, or the ever-present social media frenzy.

As you eliminate things from your wardrobe, put them in the following groups:

  • Give-aways to charity/ family or friends. Big black garbage bags work great.
  • Cleaners/Fixers/Alterations. Hang on dry cleaning wire hangers in plastic garment bags for transport.
  • Consignment clothes for re-sale. Hang on dry cleaning wire hangers in plastic bags for transport. If you have designer pieces that are in good shape, TheRealReal will come to your home and pick them up for you. Other consignment websites are,, and Or, you can take them to your local consignment store.

It feels really good to pass along clothes you no longer wear to women who find the love in them, but the best thing about removing what no longer works is you get to make room for new happy clothes.

Remember the role of your clothes is to serve your life and show you love so you can get on doing what’s most important to you and look fabulous while you’re doing them!

Post your comments below. I’d love to hear from you! Click here to talk to me in person.



6 thoughts on “What Clothes Can Really Do For You and the Secret That Will Change Your Life

  1. I can appreciate how difficult it is at times to toss everything except essentials, rare treasures and favorites.
    But once I did it I felt so relieved!
    Knowing my body type(taught by Linda) has helped me choose clothes.
    After first meeting her many years ago, I went home to my closet and I only had 2 or 3 items that I could wear!
    It also was difficult at times to accept my body flaws and as I get older; wow is it harder!
    Thanks Linda for your kind help and coaching.
    I hope to read your book soon!

    1. Hi Sally, Thank you so much for your comment. I remember well the day we edited your closet and how open and willing you were to let go of past fashion “wannabees”. I look forward to talking to you next week and CONGRATS on winning the House of Style Wardrobe Reorg kit!

    1. Hi Theresa! Thanks for posting a comment and congrats on winning the House of Style Wardrobe Reorg kit! You will be receiving an email soon!


  2. Loved the message about loving my body now instead of later when I lose those 10 lbs. and how I can use clothes to elevate my mood and confidence. I went through my own closet after reading the post and identified several “imposters” and “misfits” I should part with. Looking forward to more blog posts and the book release!

    1. Thank you Becki for your comments. Congrats on winning the House of Style Wardrobe Reorg kit. Here is to you having a wardrobe of “Happy Clothes”!

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