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The New Lens to See Your Body and Define Your Style

The New Lens to See Your Body and Define Your Style

Do you see your body in comparison to society’s “ideal?” I’d be happily surprised if you don’t. As a personal style therapist, I’m the first to admit that the beauty, style and fashion industries have set unattainable standards for body size, shape, skin, facial features and hair that excludes the majority of women.

I’ll bet like many women today, you are tired of putting your body down for not being included. You want to feel vibrant and happy in your own skin regardless of your differences to society’s ideal. I created a new lens through which to see your body and express your personal style and it puts all women on a level playing field. In other words, you have a place here that is equally important as other women, even society’s exalted favorite.

This new view filters through the universal concept of Yin and Yang as it gives equal regard to opposite types of women’s bodies and the clothes they wear from the most masculine look and feel to the most feminine of types. It obliterates the old standards of beauty and gives equal play to full curves and sculpted angles.

I created a fun quiz to help you see your body from this wonderful Yin/Yang perspective.

As the symbol shows, balance and wholeness (the circle) are derived by these opposites and this applies to your body, face, temperament and fashion style. There are women all around the world who are similar and opposite to you and it’s supposed to be this way!

Chinese medicine also defines the human body using Yin and Yang opposites.

The Yin parts of the body are the front half (bust, internal organs) and the lower half (hips, legs, pelvic girdle) of the body. If your body is Yin, you carry your power in your hips and pelvic girdle. Often, Yin women have soft and diminutive shoulders relative to their hips.

The Yang areas of the body are the backside and upper half of the body. If you have a Yang body, you carry your power in your back, shoulders and arms. Often, Yang women have small hips relative to their shoulders.

The following chart shows in (very) simple terms what it means for your traits to be either Feminine Yin or Masculine Yang or a combination of both.

Body traits Soft, Curved, Round and Full lines & shapes Sculpted, Straight, Angled and Thin lines & shapes
Face traits Soft, Curved, Round and Full shapes Sculpted, Straight, Angled and Thin shapes
Temperament traits Receptive, Inclusive, Creative Assertive, Independent, Structured
Fashion style Feminine, Soft, Flowy, Sensual Masculine, Menswear, Structured, Sturdy

Fashion gives you a fantastic broad spectrum of styles to express how you feel about being a woman, what aspect of femininity you connect with and feels right to you.

From hardcore menswear like black moto jackets and lug-soled Doc Martins to the most delicate, floaty dresses and kitten heels, the clothes that match your inner and outer traits will always feel authentic and look the best on you.

A ruffled, formfitting blouse is typically loved by women with strong Feminine Yin characteristics. Women who love menswear are more likely to be Masculine Yang.



Here you see my “dressed up” version of the Yin/Yang symbol. It demonstrates the look and feel of masculine and feminine lines. The outfits you see in the circle have similar design patterns as the nature scenes behind them.


Yang bodylines and facial characteristics are like the sculpted, cliff ridges proudly standing in the sun. Yang energy is clearly stated in a structured, assertive and independent way. If you have a linear Yang body and temperament, you will look great in a straight, crisp shirt and straight pants.


If you are feminine Yin, your bodylines are curved like the lush rolling hills shown. The Yin temperament is illuminated like the moon, creative, inclusive and receptive. If both your outer and inner selves are Yin, you will look and feel lovely in a soft, feminine blouse and flowy skirt.

So, let’s take a closer look at your traits and establish what I call your Yin/Yang style formula:

Take this fun quiz to find out what clothes work best for you.

The quiz has four parts and starts with your inner temperament. You will first look at how you were as a young girl, then move on to your inner temperament as a woman. Then you will be directed to check the body and face traits that match yours. There are four possible outcomes for your style formula:

All 3-0 Yin (face, body and temperament are Yin)

All 3-0 Yang (face, body and temperament are Yang)

2 to 1 Yin (2 out of 3 are Yin and 1 quality is Yang)

2 to 1 Yang (2 out of 3 are Yang and 1 quality is Yang)

Once you know your Yin/Yang style formula the fun really begins when you select clothing and accessory items to match it. At the end of the quiz you will find fashion examples for each of the four outcomes.

Here are just a few fashion elements to play with and combine to create looks that work great for you.



Shoes: High heels, delicate sling backs, open toe pumps, pretty kitten heels, ballet flats

Skirts: Fluid or flared skirts that move when you walk

Tops: Silky, flowy blouses with intricate details like ruffles, ruching, gathers, lace and embroidery. Formfitting tops with open or deep necklines

Jackets: Formfitting, carved in at the waist, peplum flair

Purses: Soft leather, round shapes clutch and shoulder straps

Jewelry: Delicate, small scale, curved shapes, sparkly


Shoes: Men’s style loafers, oxfords, brogues, sneakers, flats, boots, chunky sandals

Skirts: Rarely wear skirts; prefer pants, jeans, cargo, menswear plaid trousers, track pants

Tops: Menswear style shirts, Henley, baseball and graphic t-shirts, structured, boxy, straight and diagonal lines

Jackets: Menswear blazer, bomber, motorcycle, military styles

Purses: Hard leather, square shapes, messenger, backpack

Jewelry: Bold, large scale, geometric shapes, earthy materials

Take the Stellar Beauty Yin/Yang quiz and post your comments below.

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