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House of Style Wardrobe Reorg

Simple and Enlightening

A winning wardrobe is filled with clothes you love and wear in all seasons, all parts of your life.

It flows and changes with you as you evolve and fabric technology improves. Editing your wardrobe can be an enlightening and fun experience when you ask yourself, “Do my clothes serve the woman I am today?

What percentage of the clothes in your closet do you wear? Don ’t be embarrassed if it’s only 10-20%. This is average for most women. There are far too many misfits, style imposters, wrong colors and unsavory fabrics hanging in closets across the globe.

Why do women have such a poor track record?

To find out, let’s address the elephant in the closet first. It’s not always a happy place to be.

If you are like most women, you feel guilt and frustration over wardrobe mishaps or last minute purchases that didn’t work out. A fashion failure feels like a personal failure. The guilt causes you to doubt your ability to move your style forward and, guess what happens? The 80% clothes in your closet stay far longer than they deserve and current fashion styles pass you by. YOU FEEL STUCK IN A FASHION RUT.

Am I right?

Does this happen to you?

You rationalize keeping your “I don’t wear/don’t likes by telling yourself:

  1. When I lose weight, I can wear this.
  2. My dear friend gave this to me, I can’t get rid of it.
  3. I spent good money on this, what a waste.
  4. I don’t deserve to have perfect fit because my body isn’t “ideal”.
  5. They are just clothes, I don’t have to love them. Mediocre is fine.
  6. It is too much trouble to try everything on. My closet is a drain on my energy.
  7. Happy clothes are just too hard to find, so I have to settle for what’s available

Here’s the TRUTH…

All the excuses you throw at yourself in favor of keeping your wardrobe “losers” won’t make you wear them any more than before.

But here’s the good news! You can have clothes you truly love and wear all the time. Not by getting rid of everything and starting over, but by making a simple, yet life changing, decision. It goes something like this:

“I am worth the joy, confidence and personal expression that comes from wearing clothes that look great on me and give me confidence in my body.” If you decide you’re worth it, then it’s easy to let go of the stuff that doesn’t work (oh, what a relief it is!) and eliminate wardrobe anxiety for good.

You just need a way to determine what goes and what stays.

I created a do-it-yourself, affordable wardrobe system that helps you easily separate your clothing winners from their wannabe contenders.

The House of Style Wardrobe Reorg not only helps you make confident decisions about what to keep and what must go, it enlightens you to what pieces you love and why you love them.

The secrets I use to organize my clients’ closets are now available to you. This system will inspire you to create an effortless wardrobe of happy clothes you and your body feel wonderful in!

Here is what you get:

  • Your very own set of wardrobe dividers to use throughout the year. One step at a time, you will divide your clothes into these categories: FAVORITES, ESSENTIALS, TREASURES, ORPHANS, IMPOSTERS, CLEANERS/FIXERS, FUNKY FABRICS, AND MISFITS.
  • Video download with step-by-step instructions and moral support
  • Checklist of Essential wardrobe items
  • Worksheets to help you organize your wardrobe

The House of Style Wardrobe reorg system is yours to use every year as your wardrobe and personal style evolve for only $79!
(Regularly $300)

Buy Now and make wardrobe organization easy and FUN!

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