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Four Types of Masculine Clothes for the Yang Woman

Four Types of Masculine Clothes for the Yang Woman

You might be one of those women who prefers more masculine clothes to the classic feminine ruffles, lace and body-hugging styles. If you dislike dresses and skirts and wear only pants, then you are at the far end of the masculine style spectrum. But what if you want more variety in your wardrobe and don’t mind wearing dresses? Never fear, Linda is here! I’ve got some Yang dresses for you that won’t compromise your “oh, so cool” style!

There are four different types of masculine looks that appeal to women who love tomboy styles. Before I describe them in detail, first decide whether your inner temperament, face and body are Masculine Yang.  If you haven’t already taken the Yin/Yang Style Quiz, click here to discover if you are more Feminine Yin or Masculine Yang.

The Yang face boasts chiseled contours and sharp features. Her angled jawline is either squared or triangular. The linear and strong Yang body is blessed with broad shoulders and relatively small hips. The Yang temperament pushes energy out to make change in the world.  Yang women are movers and shakers who inspire others to take action.

Masculine Yang style uses or interprets menswear in some way and has a more laid-back fashion vibe than Feminine Yin style. Masculine Yang women like hearty, resilient fabrics, classic colors and menswear looks including low-heeled shoes like sneakers, loafers, and lug sole boots. If this doesn’t describe you, read last week’s article The Four Types of Feminine Clothes for the Feminine Yin Woman.

Which Masculine Yang dress would you wear?

Striking Masculine Yang: Solar Power Style

The Striking Yang dress is bold and sexy in a clear and simple way. It’s a no fuss style that turns the usual understated classics into daring looks like this gold sweater mini-dress or black leather ensemble of Solar Power Tina Turner. Striking Yang women like bold colors, metallics, substantial fabrics and key accessories to draw attention to their striking facial features and intense energy.

Edgy Masculine Yang: Mars Style

Edgy Yang style combines fashion forward looks with a strong street style vibe. Edgy Yang women look great in asymmetric hemlines, one-shouldered sleeves and dynamic diagonal line patterns that mimic the angles of her face and the “v” shaped torso. They wear classics in unexpected ways. Minnie Driver is a perfect example of a Mars type, and her yellow Edgy Yang dress complements her physical features beautifully. Not one to blend in with the crowd, Edgy Yang women love architectural looks and substantial fabrics like denim and leather.

Streamlined Masculine Yang: Mercury Style

Streamlined Yang style is clean, sleek and simple and sophisticated. Although they prefer to be in jeans and blazers, streamlined Yang women stick to no-nonsense, no-frills classic dresses like this plaid sheath dress. Mercury Katie Couric has a perfect streamlined Yang style that is never overdressed or accessorized. The simplicity of her look draws more attention to her message and not to herself.

Boyfriend Masculine Yang: Saturn Style

Boyfriend Yang style reinvents menswear for women and works great for the long, linear and androgynous woman like Saturn Amelia Earhart. Boyfriend Yang women wear pieces that men would also wear and like to be in pants most of the time. Shirt dresses like this blue pinstripe worn with masculine shoes like sneakers or boots is their version of a dress. The key for Boyfriend Yang style is comfort with loose and linear lines.

Would you like to refine your style and learn what garments work best for your body? Click here to book a free 30-minute consultation with Linda!

Dress photo credit: Net-a-Porter

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