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The Four Types of Feminine Clothes for the Feminine Yin Woman

The Four Types of Feminine Clothes for the Feminine Yin Woman

What’s your idea of feminine clothes? Girly lace and ruffles or tight leather and body-hugging knits?

There are four different types of feminine looks that appeal to women who love feminine styles. Before I describe them in detail, first decide whether your inner temperament, face and body are Feminine Yin.

Take the Yin Yang Style Quiz (click here) to discover if you are more Feminine Yin or Masculine Yang. The Feminine Yin woman loves to wear skirts, dresses and feminine shoes. If this doesn’t describe you, you may prefer pants, tomboy styles and low-heeled shoes. (Don’t miss next week’s article about the four types of masculine styles for the Masculine Yang woman).

The Yin face is defined by soft curves and rounded features with no chiseled edges or points. A Yin body is also blessed with rounded, soft curves that are fullest at her hip line. The Yin temperament absorbs the world around her and reflects it back through artistic, exploratory, intuitive or visionary means.

The Four Types of Feminine Clothes for the Feminine Yin Woman

The four types of Feminine Yin fashion styles are soft, ethereal, sexy and dramatic. Let’s look at the types of women whose features are beautifully enhanced by these feminine styles.

Soft Feminine Yin: Lunar Style

Of all the women who are built for soft, feminine styles, Lunar is blessed with the physical and internal qualities that resonate best with softness. Like Kristen Schaal below, Lunar has no protruding bones or taut muscles to break the fluid, curved lines of her supple body. Her oval face with round forehead and small round chin is dominated by her soulful, round eyes that slope downward and often mist up with emotion when she talks. Like a gently flowing waterfall, her cascading shoulders and hips beautifully enhance her subtle personality.

Soft, draping styles like this burgundy ruffled dress below are perfect for Lunar. Muted colors and luminous accessories like pearls also work well.

Ethereal Feminine Yin: Solar Style

The Ethereal Feminine Yin style works wonderfully well on petite, small-boned women with effervescent energy like 1920’s film star Lillian Gish. Lillian exemplified the Solar body type with a bright, light and engaging temperament. Solar literally sparkles when she smiles and walks with a lift in her step.

Her dainty features and bubbling personality call for light, translucent, buoyant garments that float and lift on her body like this effervescent dress with delicate details.

Sexy Feminine Yin: Venus Style

The woman with round curves and a natural waist like Christina Hendricks is built for the sexy, feminine style. As a Venus, Christina’s voluptuous body shows no signs of hard edges and her face is ripe with fully curved cheeks, eyes and lips.

Medium weight fabrics with both substance and stretch like this red, ribbed knit dress are perfect for the Venus body type.

Dramatic Feminine Yin: Jupiter Style

The Dramatic Feminine Yin style is for the bold, large-boned, curvy woman like Queen Latifah who wants to stand out.

Like Jupiter, Queen Latifah plays to her size, strength and power with bold colors, large-scale prints and exotic touches. Eye-catching fabrics with weight and substance add to the drama of this feminine type.

If you would like to know more about the Feminine Yin styles that work for your individual body type and personality, let’s talk. Book a free 30-minute consultation here!

I look forward to speaking with you and finding out your wardrobe and style needs!

Dress photo credit: Net-A-Porter

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