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Five Easy Velvet Pieces: How to Buy Velvet for the Holidays and Avoid the One-Time "Holiday" Look

Five Easy Velvet Pieces: How to Buy Velvet for the Holidays and Avoid the One-Time “Holiday” Look

The best reason to buy velvet this season is something every woman loves – it’s soft. For those of you facing a cold winter, velvet is even more irresistible for its cozy plushness. Can’t you just picture yourself snuggling up to a crackling fire with good friends wearing your favorite velvet something?

The trick in buying velvet now for the holidays (this is the time to do it, not a day before your event! Lol ?) is to think of these pieces as a regular part of your core wardrobe. If your velvet dream can be worn to parties, business and casual gatherings, you have found a winner.  Velvet is so popular this season – there is something for everyone – even the most masculine Yang women who prefer menswear styles over dresses.

Silk velvet was the fabric of royalty because of its expense and high volume of silk thread needed to produce it.  Velvet has also been associated with vintage clothes, but modern velvet styles come in everything from shoes to button-down shirts.

Velvet is one of those fabrics that has a life of its own, which is to say, the lustrous texture creates its own highlights and shadows. Velvet draws attention to itself and drapes beautifully on the body – not too limp or stiff. Be prepared to be touched by people when you wear velvet! It has the same sensuous appeal as a soft kitten.

Velvet is typically made by weaving two cloths face to face and then cutting it in half with a sharp knife. Velvet can be embossed like wide wale corduroy, crushed, cut, burnt-out and printed on. But not all velvet is the same.

Silk velvet has the most sensuous luster and drapes beautifully. It is very expensive, won’t hold up to wet weather, and is delicate.

Cotton velvet is cool and breathable like silk, but isn’t as lustrous. Cotton velvet doesn’t lend itself to too much stretch either, so it works well in structured garments like blazers or purses.

Microfiber velvet is light and stretchy, yet durable and stain-resistant, but doesn’t breathe like cotton or silk. Same goes for polyester velvet. Man-made velvets are best in lightweight garments, not big sweaters or bulky sweatpants.

The super-stretch velvets are made with added spandex and work wonderfully for fitted tops or wrap dresses. My favorite velvets are a mixture of natural and man-made materials like cotton and spandex.

Velvet is Not for You if:

1. You don’t like people smiling at you or perhaps touching your arm.?
2. You only like rugged fabrics or high-tech sportswear.
3. You are super understated and want to blend in to your environment.

How to Avoid Velvet “One-Timers:”

1. Colors – Don’t buy Christmas red or green, burgundy or black unless these colors look really fabulous on you. Even then, a Christmas red velvet dress will always be associated with Mrs. Santa’s get-up! ?  Go for richer tones like persimmon, espresso, and deep forest green or neutrals like khaki, ivory or gray.

2. Go modern and buy masculine Yang pieces in velvet like oxford loafers, button-down shirts, track pants or pleated trousers.

3. Touches of velvet on handbags, pockets, necklines or shoes is a fun way to get in on the trend without a full commitment.

Five Easy Velvet Pieces:

1. Casual Boho Velvet Dress: Johnny Was, Delphine 3/4 Sleeve Tunic Dress, plus size.

2. Velvet Flats: Zappos Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats.

3. Work or Play Velvet Shirtdress: Anthropologie shirtdress in Ivory.

4. Day to Evening Velvet Pleated Trousers: Net-A-Porter Marques’ Almeida belted wide leg pants in gold.

5. After-ski velvet shirt: Anthropologie.

If you would like to know more about how to incorporate velvet pieces into your wardrobe, click here for a free thirty-minute consultation. I would love to talk to you!

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