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Your Divine Dressing Room

Style Distinction in 21 Days

Your wardrobe is a living, breathing reflection of you. It’s true…what you wear shows how well you know yourself and your body’s natural design. Your clothes also reveal your confidence (or lack of) to step out and distinguish yourself in the world.

How many happy clothes do you have in your closet?

Happy clothes make getting dressed a pleasure and delight you into saying, “This is so me!” When you wear happy clothes, you connect with your body and feel more confident. Your confidence helps move you closer to your goals and the people you want in your life.

Definition of a Happy Garment (favorite)

  • Feels good on my skin
  • Graces my body
  • Makes me glow
  • Expresses ME
  • Serves my needs
  • Energizes me
  • Worth every penny I spent on it

What woman wouldn’t want a closet full of happy fashion favorites?

Oddly enough, statistics tell us that women commonly wear only 10%-20% of the clothes they own.

Be honest. What percentage of your clothes do you wear? If you are like most women, over half of your clothes are on vacation from your life and it’s costing you dearly.

Here’s why…

The clothes you don’t wear:

  • Occupy precious closet real estate
  • Give you nothing back for your investment
  • Frustrate your efforts to put together winning outfits
  • Trigger your guilt over wasting money
  • Prevent you from evolving your personal style
  • Leave you with a closet full of nothing to wear

Clothes you don’t wear are not worth the time, money, closet space and frustration they cost you. Yet, they hang around in your dressing room for years not doing a darn thing for you. Why is this?

The answer… Not knowing what styles SERVE YOU best.

By YOU, I mean your specialness, the unique design of your body and the essence of your soul. Distinguishing yourself is the key to having a Divine Dressing Room (of any size or budget) To have it, you need to “Know, first, who you are, then adorn yourself accordingly”.

So here’s the truth:

You can’t have happy clothes until you understand and value your uniqueness, both physically and internally. It takes time to cultivate a wardrobe you love, but the payoff far exceeds the effort and lasts a lifetime. The more you put in to developing your personal style, the more at ease you feel in your body and the happier you become.

So tell me…

Are you worth feeling confident, genuine and happy in your clothes?

Do you want to create an outer presence that attracts the best people into your life and helps you achieve your goals and dreams? Are you willing to dive in and do the work to individualize your style?

If you answered “Yes”, I am here for you!

As your fashion adviser, style expert, and biggest cheerleader, you can have full access to my eye for beauty and my ability to distinguish what you wear with who you are.

You are invited: Join me privately for 21 days to transform your style.

Your Divine Dressing Room, Style Distinction package gives you 1 on 1 personalized advice and secrets for creating a finely tuned wardrobe that works beautifully for your body, style and your life. You will discover how to use your uniqueness to lay a genuine foundation for your signature style.

In the Divine Dressing Room Style Distinction Package, you will receive:

  • A beautiful Divine Dressing Room 75-page binder that maps out your unique style and helps you create the perfect outfit combinations to fully express and empower the woman you want to be.
  • Four hours of one-on-one style and wardrobe consulting with Linda
  • Full email support and partnership as you progress through your binder
  • The House of Style Wardrobe Reorg Kit complete with fun wardrobe dividers and instructions
  • Color analysis complete with gorgeous fabric swatches that lay out your best inherent, neutral and dramatic colors and how to combine them.
  • Body type, face type and personal inner temperament analysis to enlighten you on your best styles, fabrics, textures and accessories that bring together the inner and outer you
  • Outfit mixing tutorial to put your newly defined style together in your best looks.
  • Next steps shopping list

Here’s how it works:

Week 1- Personal Style Discovery

  • Half hour jumpstart style consulting call with Linda.
  • Set up your Pinterest, Dropbox and Voxer accounts and print out your binder.
  • Complete the Yin/Yang Style Diversity quiz and Style Discovery Questionnaire.
  • Define Your Style Vision.
  • Complete Your House of Style Wardrobe Reorg. Organize your closet like a pro and have fun doing it with my new and easy wardrobe reorg system. You will receive your own set of wardrobe dividers and my personal instructions to help you confidently separate your clothing winners from their wannabe contenders. (Click here to read more).
  • Test Your Closet’s Best: 7-Day Fashion “Selfie” Challenge.
  • Select your style icons and celebrity “body double.”

Week 2-Defining Your Happy Clothes

  • Create your new Style Statement.
  • Explore what you Love: Online Shopping Spree exercise.
  • Pin your fashion favorites (using Pinterest) and create your style mood board.
  • Learn your body’s proportions and best fashion focal points.
  • Try-on items for fit, color, style and fabric types.
  • Embrace your finest necklines and accessory shapes.
  • Understand your best colors to enhance your skin and bring out your eyes.*
  • Outfit mixing: Learn the basics of combining your best looks.
  • Get your next steps “shopping list.”

* If you have already had your colors done, Linda will review them and show you how to create your best color combinations and inherent eyes, skin hair and neutral colors.

Week 3- Putting it all together

  • Master your best looks: Seven-day selfie challenge.
  • Summarize your “go to” outfit formulas.
  • Receive Linda’s summary of your body type proportions and how to balance them.
  • Pin your favorite fabrics, textures, colors and accessories.
  • Receive your top styles summary sheet.
  • Half hour wrap call with Linda.


Hiring Linda Buckman as my personal shopper and stylist has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. She has not only transformed my wardrobe, but has helped me achieve the style and image I wanted with flair and grace.

I am not a shopper, and have always been frustrated by scouring stores for just the right clothes and fit to always come away disappointed and feeling that I settled.

Linda is tremendously talented, creative and intuitive. She knows just how to accessorize my outfits to accent my best features and personality and at the same time gently wean me away from the style mistakes of my past (e.g. how many pairs of black pants do you really need?). And the treasures she finds on her Paris shopping trips! I have complete confidence in her to find the perfect items that quickly become some of my favorite pieces.

Carolyn Brackett, VP, Cybersource.


Any questions?

To schedule your 30-minute complimentary consultation click here.

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