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The Future You Shopping Spree

Fashion Therapy of the Fabulous Kind

Let’s talk about the drudgery of “normal” shopping for a moment. Do you belong to the ever-growing group of women who hate to shop?

Are you:

  • Overwhelmed by all the choices out there, and don’t know where to look?
  • Able to find pieces occasionally but don’t how to put them together?
  • Not a follower of fashion, but don’t want to look dated or passé?
  • Frustrated you can’t find anything and upset about wasting time and energy?
  • Not confidently aware enough of what looks good on you?
  • Clueless about picking clothes that express and evolve your personal style?

Are you buying clothes online and returning over half of what you bought? Has free shipping, web shopping lured you into the endless cycle of returning that had you convinced you would save time and money? By the time you repackage your returns and deliver them to the post office, you will have doubled your effort for a piece you didn’t even keep, leaving you empty handed and still searching.

Web shopping certainly gives us lots of options but doesn’t make us more stylish. It’s really hard to judge the color, texture and drape of a garment, on top of not knowing if it will really fit. No wonder it’s so frustrating.

Now, imagine leaving the grind of clothes shopping behind you. Think about the future events and goals you have for your work, social and family life and how you want to feel in your body and your clothes to accomplish these goals. As you visualize the future you, enter a room filled with garments and accessories carefully chosen just for YOU by your personal style guru.

By “just for YOU,” I mean:

  • The natural beauty of your body, frame, shape and features.
  • Your lifestyle needs
  • Your individual personal style
  • The woman you are becoming.

Welcome to The Future You Shopping Spree, Fashion Therapy of the Fabulous Kind, a unique shopping experience for new clothes that helps you step into the woman you are becoming.

I artfully curate your VIP shopping day to:

  • Deepen your experience and understanding of how fashion works to bring out your best and brightest self.
  • Help you embrace your body in a more connected and loving way
  • Inform you on how to adopt (or forget) current fashion trends
  • Demonstrate to you how to artfully create stylish looks
  • Empower you to express the vision of your future self

Entrust yourself to my care, personal support, fit expertise, fashion resources, and eye for great design and quality workmanship, and your frustration, overwhelm and anxiety of trying to find the right clothes will end. The Future You Shopping Spree will save you loads of precious time and energy, and make your life a whole lot easier. You will walk away with a bundle of happy clothes feeling better about yourself than ever before.

Here’s how it works:

First…..Relax… you and your style are in good hands!

Your 60-minute preliminary call is for your initial wardrobe consultation. 1-hour pre-shopping consultation. A 3-hour pre-shopping by Linda to pull garments from stores and online. Followed by a 6-hour shopping day and a 3-hour follow-up mixing session.

It all starts with a plan to build your seasonal, “easy to combine” core wardrobe. We’ll craft a list of your fashion needs with the end goal of stylish looks that will make you shine. You will get the best of both shopping worlds, in store and online. Days before we shop, I will roll up my sleeves and put together your best fashion candidates in selective stores. I’ll also send you online links to items you can order.

(If you really want to know what goes into finding the perfect garment for you, click here to read The Divine Dressing Room, Style Distinction in 21 days. You’ll discover everything about yourself you never knew to make shopping for clothes a whole lot easier!)

On your scheduled shopping day, the work is done. All you need to do is open yourself to the possibilities of fashion looks that will enhance your body, update your style and make you look and feel wonderful!

“I had an amazingly great time shopping with Linda. It was so easy because she knew exactly what would work for me. In fact, I got an entire fall wardrobe in the little time I had available. People compliment me all the time on my new clothes.”


“Shopping with Linda is like watching an artist at work, only I get to be the canvas! She has a vision and the creative ability to pull it all together for me. She’s thinking about dozens of criteria that make a piece a winning garment. To have her for six hours all to myself is a luxury that’s worth every penny. She is delightfully funny, encouraging and honest. No more wardrobe meltdowns!”

Barbara Anderson, Product manager
Business intelligence, CSI

“I am not a shopper, and have always been frustrated by spending hours scouring stores for just the right clothes and fit to always come away disappointed and feeling as if I “settled”. Linda is able to find the styles and colors that work for my body type and lifestyle, and gently wean me away from my style mistakes of the past (e.g. how many pairs of black pants do you really need?) And the treasures she finds on her Paris shopping trips! I have complete confidence she will find the perfect items that quickly become some of my favorite pieces.”

Carolyn Brackett, VP Cybersource.

“The shopping experience with Linda is a fantastic learning tool. To see a Linda at work, how she combines pieces from high and low price points to give me a signature look. It’s like she knows how to make an outfit flow, so it draws attention to my body’s loveliest parts. She notices what I am feeling and how I am relating to my body and somehow helps me embrace my body in a deeper, more accepting way.”

Anne Peaslee, author

“I had an amazingly great time shopping with Linda. It was so easy because she knew exactly what would work for me. In fact, we were able to get nearly an entire fall wardrobe in the little time I had available. I have received numerous compliments on my new clothes.”


To book a time to discuss your wardrobe desires and needs with Linda, contact her.

To schedule your 30-minute complimentary consultation click here.

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