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Subtle Shades of Style: Find Your Style Vibe

You have a built-in style meter that intuitively knows your personal style vibe. Fashion intuition exists in all women whether you love clothes or feel you don’t have a clue about them. Have you ever had the wonderful pleasure of wearing an outfit that makes you feel free and confident in yourself? If so, you tapped in to your personal style vibe. (If not, no worries, I am here to help ?)

Imagine the head to toe details of this look and ask yourself, “What parts of this look were feminine and what parts more masculine?” This is one of the best ways to gauge your personal style vibe.

To get a clearer idea of feminine and masculine fashion, make sure you take the Yin/Yang Style Quiz (click here). Your results will show you which styles support the characteristics of your unique features and inner temperament.

I am going to help you tap into your style vibe by demonstrating how a simple collection of six garments that range from ultra-feminine to tough tomboy and three pair of shoes can generate a host of different style vibes. The pieces you see are straight out of my own wardrobe except the black men’s tie. I borrowed it from my hubby. (I love my denim shirt and it does have a matching narrow tie, but I didn’t have it for this photo shoot.) I lean to the more feminine side in my style and have lots of dresses and skirts in my wardrobe.

The most important fashion pieces to consider when creating your style vibe are in this order: 

  1. Top   
  2. Bottom   
  3. Shoes  
  4. Other accessories (jewelry, handbag, belt, scarf)  
  5. Third Layer (jacket, coat, sweater, vest)


Here are the items you will see in the following pictures:

YIN SKIRT: Cream silk taffeta, floaty and flared

YIN TOP: Green and white, ruffled chiffon blouse

YIN COAT: Metallic green, fit and flare jacket

YIN SHOES: Green bejeweled and brocaded slip-on mules

YIN BELT: Green sequin encrusted sparkly belt

YANG PANTS: Embroidered boyfriend jeans

YANG TOP: Denim shirt

YANG COAT: Bronze Down Puffy jacket

YANG SHOES: Green pointy-toe cowboy boots

YANG SHOES: Cream perforated sneaker

YANG TIE: Black Menswear tie


From the outfits below, which style vibe(s) do you like best?

Which one(s) would you wear?

Which one(s) would you not wear?


If you chose A or B, your style vibe is clearly feminine. Anything worn exclusively by women like dresses and skirts are a big part of the feminine wardrobe. The following style elements also express femininity:

Light, bright colors/ Translucent, soft, luminous, shiny fabrics/ floral and other feminine prints/ fluid, floaty, flared, flowy, ruffled, gathered shirred, swishy or body-hugging styles/ Intricate details like beading, embroidery, applique, metallics, lace, ruffles/ open necklines, empire waistlines, peplum flared tops and jackets. Feminine accessories include high heels, delicate sling backs, open toe pumps, pretty kitten heels, ballet flats/ Purses in soft leather and rounded shapes/ Jewelry that is delicate, small scale, sparkly and in curved shapes.


If you chose C, you like a relaxed feminine Yin look. Work with your accessories to change the style vibe from all feminine to a slightly more tomboy, relaxed look like the perforated cream sneakers shown in C. Loosening the top and wearing it out over the skirt is another way to subtly make a feminine outfit more Yang. 


If you chose D, you like to contrast feminine elements with one strong masculine style like the boyfriend jeans. 

If you chose E or F, your style vibe is clearly masculine. Items that men would also wear and have a much more androgynous appeal are a big part of the Yang wardrobe. Items like shirts, baseball or graphic tees, Bomber and military jackets are Yang. The following style elements also express masculinity:

Dark, muted colors/ Opaque, resilient, more weighted fabrics like denim and leather/ menswear and geometric prints/ Styles that drape or are constructed in straight or diagonal lines, Structured, boxy, or pleated styles that hold their shape without much movement, loose on-the body styles, solid colors, few details or embellishment, and modest necklines. Masculine accessories include men’s style loafers, oxfords, brogues, sneakers, flats, boots, chunky sandals/ Handbags that are hard leather, square shapes, backpacks/ Jewelry that is bold, large scale, geometric or made from antiqued, distressed or earthy materials.

If you chose G, you like a softer Yang look. Work with your accessories to change the style vibe from all Yang to a slightly softer look like the green sequin encrusted sparkly belt shown in G.

If you chose H, you like to contrast feminine elements with one strong masculine style like the boyfriend jeans shown in H.

What’s your style vibe?

Pretty and Feminine Yin (A & B)

Relaxed Feminine Yin (C)

Dominant Feminine Yin with strong Tomboy Yang contrast (D)

True Tomboy Yang (E &F)

Soft Tomboy Yang (G)

Dominant Tomboy Yang with strong feminine Yin contrast (F)


Let’s talk about your wardrobe! Book your free consultation (here) to find out how to create your Personal Style Vibe with your own clothes.