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The Oscar for Masterful Personal Style Goes To…….

The Oscar for Masterful Personal Style Goes To…….

Some of the top fashion, hair and makeup stylists collaborate on Oscar night to create looks that bring out the unique beauty of their stars and celebrities. Now, you can know their secret formula for masterful style.

It all comes down to honoring the woman first and using color, fabrics, and styles to enhance her natural features and energetic style.



Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo’s delicate face and sweet expression is honored by her delicate sheer pink gauze Jenny Packham dress. The soft pink dress, lipstick and nail color is perfect for bringing out her Spark Joy radiant glow.

Marie’s youthful feathered bangs are made more lively by the gauzy feathered edges of her neckline and sleeves. The carefully chosen mirrored embellishment of her dress does not overpower her delicacy but enhances her personal effervescence.




Danai Gurira

The star of Black Panther and the Walking Dead television series, Dana Gurira is exalted to Goddess status in her 22-carat gold Brock Collection dress. The color brings out her gorgeous amber brown skin and the splendid embossed brocade texture of the dress trimmed in black resonates with her long black braids.

The play between black and gold in her dress, hair and twist earrings exemplifies a mastery of artistic design. The eye delights in seeing a dominantly gold dress edged in black juxtaposed against the opposite composition of powerful, thick black braids topped by a delicate gold crown. Of particular note is how the round crown frames her beautiful rounded forehead!


Emma Stone

The statuesque strength and beauty of Emma Stone is elevated to new powerful heights in her cognac sequined Louis Vuitton gown. The warm and brilliant color enhances her natural warm skin tones, freckles and green eyes.

Although a natural blond, Emma’s warm skin and eyes let her play with shades of red hair. This deep red gives her a stronger contrast to her light skin and holds up against the edgy geometric pattern of the dress and stiffened sleeves. I would love, however, to see a more dramatic, fuller updo hairstyle to match her power play look. Her eye and lip makeup are beautifully chosen and blended to perfection. Even the backdrop and carpeting honor the lady Stone!