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Stellar Beauty School


Have you ever felt that being comfortable in your own skin is just for the chosen few?  

Do you want to feel a loving and abiding connection between who you are on the outside and the inside but still feel blocked by the old story that your body is flawed and not good enough?

If you knew that your body is designed to support your gifts and talents, would you give yourself permission to live fully and show up the way you want to in the world?

Would you like to know your special gifts, unique contributions, and the challenges that come with your gifts?

If you’ve said yes to any of these questions, I want you to listen very carefully. 

What if I told you that the secret to fully enjoying your life is understanding the connection between who you are and the body you live in 

What if you knew that your body type is the ultimate guide to your unique gifts and talents?  

What if I told you that your own body connects your soul to your life purpose?    

Sound radically different and wildly intriguing?  It is!  

You can be one of the first to learn this revolutionary way of embracing yourself and kick body negativity out of your life for good. 

I want to personally invite YOU to join me in this three-month group program, the Stellar Beauty School, and receive the benefits of knowing you are complete the way you are with your unique contribution to the world. You won’t have to compare your accomplishments to others because you will realize how valuable you are with your own gifts. There is an entire world of you to explore and have fun learning about. Stellar Beauty School gives you the secret answers to understanding why you are the way you are and shows you how to care for your needs, wants, and desires.

Hi, I’m Linda Buckman, the Stellar Beauty Style Therapist. I can’t wait to share with you something totally new, & totally powerful that will change the way you feel about yourself & your body – forever! 

 In the Stellar Beauty School, you will discover your stellar planetary body type(s) & understand who you were born to be.

You will learn:

  • What your body is built to do in the world
  • The special combination of your two main types and how they can work together to give you all you need and want in your life.
  • Your physical and energetic impression on others and how people respond to you 
  • How to navigate the challenges you face with your body type
  • The most important things your body needs to do for you to be happy  
  • How your gifts and talents are expressed through your body 
  • What kind of work-related activities get you excited and motivated to do awesome things in the world 
  • What kind of play activities keep you balanced and healthy 
  • How to celebrate your stellar body type and live an awesome life! 

Come home to the real you, the you that is unique, talented & beautiful 

In this program you will receive: 

  • 2-part 11 module program to learn and integrate the special physical and internal qualities of your planetary types with instructional videos and workbook journal 
  • 1.5 hour VIP call reading with Linda to learn your Stellar Planetary Types and inherent gifts with a full written summary and recording of the call
  • 35 private e-mail conversations with Linda
  • 2 additional private calls with Linda throughout the program
  • Amazing daily support, love, and insight from Linda and the other Stellar Beauty sisters in our private Facebook group
  • Daily inspiration and ideas for celebrating your body
  • Additional learning track to become familiar with all seven planetary types.
  • 3 online group calls to learn how to own your beauty and rock your world 


I cannot wait for you to join me in my Stellar Beauty School

This is an evergreen program so don’t wait, enroll today!



Have questions? Feel free to email Linda Buckman directly.



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