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I’m Having an Affair

My Affair with a Piece of Machinery

Did I get your attention? It’s true I am having an affair. There is a new man in my house. He is my new Dyson Air Wrap.

Yesterday I decided to spend time with Dyson, my new beau.  I played hard to get with this handsome tech genius for a week after purchasing him from the Dyson downtown San Francisco store. The Air Wrap has been sold-out online for weeks.

After a long, sweaty bike ride, my dirty, overgrown hair needed its weekly hair washing/styling ritual. I have dreaded washing my hair in the past because it requires styling. When my wet hair dries naturally, it looks like a brillo pad. Tiny birds could nest in there. I have tried tons of irons, hair dryers and curlers all my life to “fight the frizz”.

You are probably wondering why my Air Wrap is a dude. You will understand when you get one and see the elegant, oval-shape saddle brown leather carrying case he comes neatly tucked in. He’s mannish in an elegant way. He says “I’m serious but refined.” The beautiful packaging could be a cigar case filled with rare cigars. Dyson speaks with a deeply whirring voice like a miniature vacuum cleaner might sound. But the love affair really began with Dyson when I grabbed one of the barrel attachments and turned him on.

Dyson dazzled me. He seduced me with his sensual way of grabbing a strand of wet hair and rolling it up to my scalp like some kind of hair stylist robot. He dried and curled my hair at the same time to romance novel perfection. I have never been able to blow dry my hair evenly because the back sections are so difficult to see and maneuver with a brush in one hand and dryer in the other. I do ok with the right side of my head but it never looks as good blown out on the left side.

The first picture shows a front section styled with The Air Wrap lined up next to my normal frizz. In the second picture half of my head is done. The flash created some crazy light on my chest and I promise you I don’t moonlight as a vampire, 😊but look at the difference, even with split ends!

The Dyson Air wrap is propelled by a small digital motor that creates a continuous flow of air around the barrels attracting hair to their surface. Then it propels air along the hair strands to mimic a stylist’s blow-dry technique. And it doesn’t damage the hair!!

Dyson is $500-550 and worth every penny. If you want soft curls or a smooth, shiny blow out, Dyson is your man. Fair warning: You are going to feel like you are cheating on your hair stylist!

My hair styling days will never be the same. The Dyson Air-wrap is going to rock our world ladies and give us amazing hair any day of the week. Make room for it in your suitcase. You won’t want to be without it! Post in the comments below if you have a Dyson Air Wrap and give it a review. If you don’t have one yet, put your name on a waiting list!

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