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Outfit Combining

“You look great!”

This is the most delicious compliment a woman can receive about her physical presentation. It’s a far cry from, “I like your necklace,” or “You’re in such good shape.”

“You look great!” means someone sees YOU at your best, not what you are wearing (unless you are a runway model).

Don’t get me wrong, what you wear is really important, but only if it’s in service to you. When your clothes, accessories, makeup, and hair work together to artfully enhance you in body and soul, “You look great!” means you have the “wow” factor.

For the effort you put in to getting your “wow” factor, you get far more back. “Wow” empowers you to show up fully as the woman you know yourself to truly be and it lifts and energizes others. “Hearing. “You look great!” is like being crowned Style Queen for the day and days like this are memorable. Wearing your beauty, you breeze through your tasks productively. Everything seems easier. People respond with a smile and want to hear what you have to say. It affects your relationships, your job and your bottom line when your wow factor is working.

Nothing could be more positive than that.

If only you could have more days like this one.

Well, guess what? Looking fabulous doesn’t have to be a random, one-time thing.

If you don’t have many wow days, you are not alone. It could be that you:

  • Have great clothes, but don’t know how to accessorize them.
  • Not sure how to update the way you wear your clothes.
  • Want to look great, but outfit combining just isn’t your genius skill.

Maybe it’s time to step up and get your “wow” factor for:

  • A video appearance, presentation, or a special evening coming.
  • An important trip where every piece you pack has to count.

If you want more WOWS in your life, you have come to the right place! You are going to get your very own mixing muse.

Yep, that’s me.

I have a confession to make. I love all parts of my business, but my very, most favorite part of being a personal stylist is outfit combining. I love the challenge of artfully making fashion succumb to and highlight your personal beauty. I use the play of texture, color and line pattern in clothes and accessories to resonate with your individual characteristics.

And to top it all, I photograph your best looks for future reference whether you are traveling or at home.

Getting Your Wow Factor, Outfit Combining, is an in-home, private wardrobe session of combining, trying-on and photographing your very best looks. You’ll not only see yourself at your best in looks that say “wow”, you will get great ideas about how to do it for yourself on a regular basis.

You have worked hard to acquire your wardrobe, now it’s time to turn on the magic and get your “WOW” factor! As your mixing muse, let me pull it all together for you.

To talk to Linda about scheduling a Getting Your Wow, Outfit Combining Session click here.

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