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Feeling Good in Your Body and Personal Style in 2019


Now that Christmas has passed, are you thinking about what you want to shift or change for yourself in 2019?

The vast majority of New Year’s resolutions are focused on people wanting to take better care of their bodies either by diet, exercise, or stress-reduction. They want to feel better physically and mentally than they did the year before.

If you want to feel better in your body, you have a noble and important desire that deserves to be fulfilled-not temporarily- but with lasting results. 

If you are like most women, you want to feel great in your clothes and confident in your own skin but pouring resources and energy into society’s diet and fitness culture fails 95% of the time. Weight loss resolutions beat out having more sex, traveling more, reading more books, quitting smoking and finding love, so why does this seem so difficult to accomplish?

I believe it’s because we are not taught to connect with and trust our own bodies to tell us what we need. Extreme diet culture is about quick fixes and profiting off your discontentment. It’s about doing things to your body like it’s an object, not the intelligent and amazing vessel you live in.

This year, I want to offer women a completely new lens through which to see and appreciate their bodies that will produce newfound and lasting confidence, body acceptance and joy. And guess what?

It’s not about struggle, discipline, or punishing workouts. In fact, it’s done in the wonderful context of fashion and style.

Yes, this option is FUN and ENLIGHTENING!

Now you can learn to connect with and trust your body and celebrate personal style in my new safe and nurturing six-week group program; Friend Your Body to Rock Your Style launching on January 21st!

Over the course of 6 weeks you will:

Appreciate your body in a brand-new way

Feel beautifully balanced in your clothes

Discover your planetary body-type

Rock your newly defined style

Celebrate your fashion looks with your Stellar Beauty sisters


  • 1-hour VIP private call with Linda
  • The House of Style Wardrobe Reorg Kit ($300 value)
  • 6 Ask the Expert group calls
  • 6 Walk the Runway Style Insights
  • Membership in the private Friend Your Body to Rock Your Style Facebook group
  • 5 handouts
  • 6 video recordings

You will to learn to be step into your body with lasting confidence and style.

Register today and save $300

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