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Fashion Emergency Fix

Style on the Spot Advice

Have you ever had a wardrobe meltdown?

Here’s how it can look:

In your own closet

  1. Trying on clothes to get the look you want and nothing seems to work
  2. Clothing rejects are piling up on the floor
  3. Panic and frustration begin to surface
  4. You’re pressured for time, you start to sweat, fear of looking dorky turns up the heat

Meltdown moment: What’s wrong with my body? I liked this when I bought it, but now it sucks! Why can’t I get it together? I look terrible in EVERYTHING.

Remedy: Go back to your safe fashion zone and wear the same old boring clothes.

After effect: Your confidence takes a dive, you feel deprived of self-expression and disappointed in your body.

Or, it can look like this:

At the store

  1. So many choices, too little time. Racks of clothes now demand your attention.
  2. In your pint-sized dressing room, the light is terrible and you can’t see your backside
  3. Clothing rejects are piling up on the dressing room floor
  4. You try on a possibility but aren’t sure if it’s right. Doubt overcomes you.

Meltdown Moment: Will I be wasting money if I buy this? I’m not in love, but maybe it could work. Oh, I just don’t know. Nothing looks really good. Who are they designing these clothes for, anyway? 12-year-olds?!

Remedy: Can’t decide….give up….console yourself with ice cream

After effects: Your confidence takes a dive and you feel out of touch with modern fashion and your body.

With Fashion Emergency Fix, Style on the Spot Advice, you will never experience wardrobe meltdown again!!

No more doubt, panic, frustration, sweat or tears over trying to figure out what to wear or buy.

Here’s how….It’s easy…I promise.

Fashion Emergency Fix, On the Spot Style Advice, comes to your rescue when you really need it.

Let’s replay the closet/store scenario:

In your own closet – no more meltdowns

  1. Select one item you are excited about wearing- your inspiration piece.
  2. Take pictures wearing your inspiration with one to two other pieces. At your prescheduled time, text me the pictures with a brief description of the look you are going for and your style question.
  3. I’ll text you back with suggestions for how to complete your look with accessories, possible alterations, additions and adjustments to ROCK your style.

Remedy: Add, adjust and GO! Done and dusted!

After effects: Elevated confidence, happiness, authenticity, and connection to your body.

Or, my emergency assistance can look like this:

At the store – no more frustration and doubt

  1. Through the power of your mobile phone, take me with you when you shop solo. Text me photos of you wearing the items you are considering buying to get my thumbs up or alternative suggestions.
  2. I’ll text you back with my honest opinion whether to buy or find an alternative and I’ll tell you what to look for.

Remedy: Buy with confidence or just say “no”

After Effects: Proud, savvy, and in charge of your style

Fashion emergency will save you tons of time, money and energy and add sparkle to your style. When your outfit is put together, you feel together and others feel your confidence too. It does wonders in your relationships, at work and at home. It’s so, so good to show up fully in life as the women you know yourself to be. You’ll want more and before you know it, you won’t need a safety net of boring clothing standbys.

Get your Fashion Emergency Fix or pack of ten now!

Style on the Spot Advice
Fashion Emergency Fix 1 pack

1 Look Quick Style Consult for that special occasion


Style on the Spot Advice
Fashion Emergency Fix 10 pack

10 Looks Quick Style Consult to rock your style

Once you purchase you will be able to schedule your Emergency Fix Session(s) with Linda!

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