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Your Stellar Beauty Planetary Body Types

DIY Program:

Telling a woman today that confidence is the new sexy when she doesn’t like her body is like giving her a brand-new Mercedes without the keys. What drives the confidence engine is a full appreciation for self, on the inside and out.

If you are like most women, you understand on an intellectual level if you “reframe” your thoughts and beliefs about your body, you can step into your personal power and feel more confident. Congratulations if you are already working to re-wire your thoughts and beliefs about yourself!

BUT, DO YOU TRULY BELIEVE IN YOUR UNIQUE BEAUTY? Has loving your body sunk into your heart yet? Do you feel harmoniously connected to your body?  Statistics tell us that 98% of all women still don’t believe they are beautiful and only by losing weight, getting fit or going under the knife can they consider themselves to be beautiful.

Most women continue to feel the task of loving their bodies is a mental uphill battle.

It’s easy to understand why.

For over a century now, women have accepted and believed their bodies are flawed with confirmation from advertisers of beauty products and style magazines which suggest how to magically stay youthful, camouflage “imperfections” and look skinnier in clothes. It’s impossible to avoid the message that young, thin and fit are what you need to be in order to gain access to society’s beauty club.

My guess is you need something more to convince you that your body is beautiful, just the way it is, no matter it’s size, shape or age.

Am I right?

Are you sick of thinking your body is flawed but haven’t found a way to fully embrace it?

Are you ready to dump societal beauty ideals like a bad first date, but still struggle with the comparison?

The drain on self-esteem, triggered by the belief that something is wrong with our bodies has robbed us of our confidence and caused all sorts of pain, including:

  • Avoiding the mirror altogether because you don’t like what you see
  • Grabbing a spot in the back row for family photos
  • Hating your clothes because nothing feels good on your body
  • Feeling tortured by shopping and afraid nothing looks good on you
  • Exhausted over wasting money on clothes that don’t work or express your personal style
  • Pinching your flabby bits in disgust and defeat

Well, guess what?

Cultural control over women is about to explode because the real truth is out:

Your body is built to support your talents, gifts and unique contribution to the world.

How do I know this? Because I have seen proof through the lens of the Stellar Beauty Planetary Body types.

They represent the full banquet of female diversity and are equally beautiful, distinct, and essential for the harmony of our existence. Each has a body type best for communicating her talents and gifts. They are the new portal to showing you the deep connection your body has to expressing who you are on the inside.

I’m convinced that knowing your planetary type will give you that big, sustainable push to believe in your heart  that you are uniquely beautiful and leave societal ideals behind like a bad first date!  They give you reasons to celebrate your body and let the whole package of yourself shine through and once you discover your types, you will understand why.

Do you want to connect with your body in this thrilling new way and learn the inherent gifts your planetary types have blessed you with?

You can!

The discovery of your types and unique gifts is now available in a complete five module DIY program packed with videos, checklists and “secret” information never before presented for only $389!

I took twelve years to research, hold women’s studies and reinterpret these ancient cosmological types for the modern-day woman so can step into your body with real confidence and not hold back from living your life fully.

You will learn:

How your body and energetic temperament work together to help you fulfill your life purpose with TEN INHERENT GIFTS unique to your primary and secondary types. You will select from the amazing characteristics of Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Solar, Jupiter, Venus and Lunar women (as shown above).

Included in the program are lessons on the Yin Yang foundation of female diversity, the secret to finding balance in your body, the master Stellar Beauty checklist for determining your types and the secret scoop on why your body is built like it is. 

Click here to register for the five module Stellar Beauty DIY program!

As a bonus you can add a private 90-minute VIP reading with Linda, creator of the Stellar Beauty types to receive her nuanced insights, wisdom and support to affirm who you are on a deep level. Linda will dive in with you to reveal how your body is intimately connected to the woman you are on the inside and how your types are evident in your perspectives and beliefs. You will also understand how your types assisted you and helped you survive from a young age in your nuclear family, school years and beyond and see clearly the beauty and strength of your planetary types. With your VIP call comes the recording and Linda’s personal summary of your types!

Add it now to your DIY package for a total of $550!

Yes I want the VIP package with Linda!


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