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I’m Having an Affair

My Affair with a Piece of Machinery

Did I get your attention? It’s true I am having an affair. There is a new man in my house. He is my new Dyson Air Wrap.

Yesterday I decided to spend time with Dyson, my new beau.  I played hard to get with this handsome tech genius for a week after purchasing him from the Dyson downtown San Francisco store. The Air Wrap has been sold-out online for weeks.

After a long, sweaty bike ride, my dirty, overgrown hair needed its weekly hair washing/styling ritual. I have dreaded washing my hair in the past because it requires styling. When my wet hair dries naturally, it looks like a brillo pad. Tiny birds could nest in there. I have tried tons of irons, hair dryers and curlers all my life to “fight the frizz”.

You are probably wondering why my Air Wrap is a dude. You will understand when you get one and see the elegant, oval-shape saddle brown leather carrying case he comes neatly tucked in. He’s mannish in an elegant way. He says “I’m serious but refined.” The beautiful packaging could be a cigar case filled with rare cigars. Dyson speaks with a deeply whirring voice like a miniature vacuum cleaner might sound. But the love affair really began with Dyson when I grabbed one of the barrel attachments and turned him on.

Dyson dazzled me. He seduced me with his sensual way of grabbing a strand of wet hair and rolling it up to my scalp like some kind of hair stylist robot. He dried and curled my hair at the same time to romance novel perfection. I have never been able to blow dry my hair evenly because the back sections are so difficult to see and maneuver with a brush in one hand and dryer in the other. I do ok with the right side of my head but it never looks as good blown out on the left side.

The first picture shows a front section styled with The Air Wrap lined up next to my normal frizz. In the second picture half of my head is done. The flash created some crazy light on my chest and I promise you I don’t moonlight as a vampire, 😊but look at the difference, even with split ends!

The Dyson Air wrap is propelled by a small digital motor that creates a continuous flow of air around the barrels attracting hair to their surface. Then it propels air along the hair strands to mimic a stylist’s blow-dry technique. And it doesn’t damage the hair!!

Dyson is $500-550 and worth every penny. If you want soft curls or a smooth, shiny blow out, Dyson is your man. Fair warning: You are going to feel like you are cheating on your hair stylist!

My hair styling days will never be the same. The Dyson Air-wrap is going to rock our world ladies and give us amazing hair any day of the week. Make room for it in your suitcase. You won’t want to be without it! Post in the comments below if you have a Dyson Air Wrap and give it a review. If you don’t have one yet, put your name on a waiting list!

The Oscar for Masterful Personal Style Goes To…….

The Oscar for Masterful Personal Style Goes To…….

Some of the top fashion, hair and makeup stylists collaborate on Oscar night to create looks that bring out the unique beauty of their stars and celebrities. Now, you can know their secret formula for masterful style.

It all comes down to honoring the woman first and using color, fabrics, and styles to enhance her natural features and energetic style.



Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo’s delicate face and sweet expression is honored by her delicate sheer pink gauze Jenny Packham dress. The soft pink dress, lipstick and nail color is perfect for bringing out her Spark Joy radiant glow.

Marie’s youthful feathered bangs are made more lively by the gauzy feathered edges of her neckline and sleeves. The carefully chosen mirrored embellishment of her dress does not overpower her delicacy but enhances her personal effervescence.




Danai Gurira

The star of Black Panther and the Walking Dead television series, Dana Gurira is exalted to Goddess status in her 22-carat gold Brock Collection dress. The color brings out her gorgeous amber brown skin and the splendid embossed brocade texture of the dress trimmed in black resonates with her long black braids.

The play between black and gold in her dress, hair and twist earrings exemplifies a mastery of artistic design. The eye delights in seeing a dominantly gold dress edged in black juxtaposed against the opposite composition of powerful, thick black braids topped by a delicate gold crown. Of particular note is how the round crown frames her beautiful rounded forehead!


Emma Stone

The statuesque strength and beauty of Emma Stone is elevated to new powerful heights in her cognac sequined Louis Vuitton gown. The warm and brilliant color enhances her natural warm skin tones, freckles and green eyes.

Although a natural blond, Emma’s warm skin and eyes let her play with shades of red hair. This deep red gives her a stronger contrast to her light skin and holds up against the edgy geometric pattern of the dress and stiffened sleeves. I would love, however, to see a more dramatic, fuller updo hairstyle to match her power play look. Her eye and lip makeup are beautifully chosen and blended to perfection. Even the backdrop and carpeting honor the lady Stone!

The “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL” Challenge.

What you believe about yourself is who you are.

If it’s difficult to look in the mirror and say to yourself, “You are beautiful,” then you are a woman who isn’t allowing herself to be beautiful and you aren’t alone. Ninety-eight percent of all women don’t like how they look and think they need to lose weight or exercise to be considered beautiful. But the truth is believing you are flawed gives your power away and disconnects you from your body. Thinking you aren’t beautiful keeps you from feeling confident in your own skin.

There are many, many reasons why women don’t think they are beautiful and that’s a topic for another blog. What I want to tell you is I have good news!

The idea that we should strive as women to achieve beauty dictated by society is as dated as a phone book.

There is a new beauty paradigm in town that empowers women to own their beauty.


 The new touchstone for beauty is the woman who loves her body like a best friend. What’s sexy and desirable now is the woman who embodies her own beauty. She sees and appreciates herself when she looks in the mirror. She isn’t afraid to dress in a way that makes her feel beautiful. She feels comfortable in her own skin. She seems calmer, easier and freer to be herself than other women.

 She is the new beautiful, she is a Stellar Beauty. And guess what? She didn’t get there by dieting, exercising or changing her physical appearance. She got there by making a choice to believe in her own beauty. She got there by releasing all the old reasons she thought she wasn’t beautiful. All the excuses, all the societal triggers, all the things she was told when she was a kid.

 Stellar Beauty is the sense of belonging, ease and naturalness being in your own skin. Having Stellar Beauty is far more powerful and effective than having society’s idea of the “perfect” body. With it, you are more confident, joyful and authentic. You radiate energy that lifts and inspires others to be themselves. If you can be open to the possibility of loving and embracing your body just the way it is, you will rediscover the Stellar Beauty you were born with.


The first step to claiming your Stellar Beauty is becoming consciously aware of the negative body image chatter floating around in your head. I call her The Beast. The Beast builds her platform of persuasion that you aren’t beautiful in childhood and continues to compare you to thousands of digitally enhanced media images you see on a weekly basis. The Beast might say things like “You are too fat to be beautiful.” or “You look like a fool compared to her.”

Most of the time the Beast is lurking around in the back in your subconscious mind. You may not even be aware of what the Beast is saying when you look at yourself in the mirror. So, we are going to “out” the Beast using the following simple but effective mirror exercise. It’s designed to test the Beast and get all the negatives out of your head and on to paper. You’ll be using a large hand mirror or wall mirror to do this exercise.



 Get comfortable in a safe space in front of your mirror. The bathroom is a great place to do this exercise.

 Say to your image in the mirror, “You are beautiful.”

Notice any resistance in your mind like, “No way!” or “You’ve got to be kidding” and write down your initial thoughts and feelings.

Imagine the way you feel in your body when you see something beautiful like a scene in nature. Bring that energy to the statement and continue repeating “You are beautiful” in the mirror. Notice changes in the tone of your voice and your level of belief in the statement. Keep writing down any negatives that come up.

Congratulations! You just “outed” your Beast and now you can consciously decide whether you want to believe these statements or not.

The Beast has good intentions for objecting to you believing you are beautiful. See which objections you relate to below. This will help you release old beliefs, so you embrace your beauty more fully.

As you continue to practice this exercise, notice what you love about your face and body. Change your statement to “You are beautiful because….“ and finish the sentence describing a physical characteristic you love. Keep repeating with as many positives as you want. Once you have written down your positive statements, post them on your mirror and repeat them every day for 30 days.


Emotional Response: “No way, not me. I’m not beautiful.”

How it shows up: Wearing clothes that feel safe. Wearing clothes that don’t show your shape. Wearing black all the time when you really love color. Feeling bored about your wardrobe. Wearing the same thing over and over to not be noticed. Waiting till the last minute to purchase clothes for an upcoming event.

Underlying fear: Of standing out and being humiliated

Positive Intention: The Beast of Shame wants to protect you from being embarrassed or humiliated. She thinks something bad will happen if you stand out. Her line of reasoning is, “If you stay below the beauty radar and hide out, no one will notice, and you won’t risk being embarrassed about the way you look.”

Truth: You are not invisible. What people will notice is that you are trying to hide out and this non-verbal cue can speak louder than if you wear something you love and feel good in.

Old belief: Who I am isn’t special enough to be considered beautiful.

Reframe: When I show up feeling comfortable in my body and beautiful in my clothes, I have more energy, am more effective at work and more capable of helping others.



Emotional Response: “What an arrogant thing to say! Who do you think you are?”

How it shows up: Being unwilling to spend money on nice clothes. Under dressing at social gatherings. Wearing only practical clothes. Being unable to receive compliments for the way you look or what you are wearing.

Underlying fear: Rejection and losing love.

Positive Intention: The Beast of Conceit wants you to be liked and wants to protect you from losing friendships. Her line of reasoning is, “If you think you are beautiful, you are trying to be better than others.”

Truth: Believing in your personal beauty encourages others to do the same. It is a physical demonstration of the way you want others to feel about themselves.

Old belief: Other people and the way they look and feel are more important than me.

Reframe: Believing in my beauty allows me to see beauty in others. People are drawn to my positive energy when I stand in my unique beauty. It’s easy to make friends.



Emotional Response: “I am too old, too fat, and too worn out to be beautiful.”

How it shows up: Not caring about how you look. Avoiding looking in the mirror. Wishing you were younger. Complaining about current fashion. Avoiding shopping altogether.

Underlying fear: Being excluded.

Positive Intention: The Beast of Resignation wants to protect you from being excluded. Her line of reasoning is, “If you don’t care about how you look you won’t know what you are missing.”

Truth: Apathy breeds discontentment, isolation and exclusion from life

Old belief: Beauty has an expiry date and I have passed it.

Reframe: Beauty comes from within and is expressed on the outside. I can cultivate beauty in myself no matter my age or size.



Emotional Response: Compared to other women, I’m not beautiful”

How it shows up: Worrying about how others will perceive you. Feeling jealous or resentful of other women. Being unsure about what to buy or what to wear to events. Cancelling plans.

Underlying fear: Not measuring up, failure

Positive Intention: The Beast of Comparison wants to keep you from feeling disappointed in yourself. By comparing you with others, it keeps you failing.

Truth: Comparing and despairing only makes you feel worse

Old belief: If I’m not good enough or attractive enough I don’t have to try and therefore won’t be disappointed with results.

Reframe: I’m perfect as I am and what is important is that I enjoy being in my body

Are you craving a change in the way you view your body and your style?

The Friend Your Body to Rock Your Style online group program is designed to help you embrace your body and strut your style in a safe and supportive private group of like-minded women.

Look what Melissa has to say about the program:

“I 100% recommend Linda! I had an amazing conversation with her loved learning more about my *Mar’s body type* so I can give myself permission to unlock parts of me I didn’t realize I was hiding. She’s AMAZING!! Her group is going to be aaaaawesome!”

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New Year, New Look

The Golden Globes have come and gone with a few Lady Bird looks that impressed in an old Hollywood glamour kind of way.

Dressed in all black, the feather accents on Angelina Jolie and Deborra-Lee Furness were all that was necessary to make them shine.

For me, birds have great significance, especially when I’m traveling or transitioning into something new. My trip from British Columbia to San Francisco last week impressed a strong message upon me through the siting of a bald eagle in the little town of Chewelah, Washington. I take a scenic bus ride from our winter home at Red Mountain in the Kootenay mountains to the Spokane airport every January and the two-hour drive allows me to reflect on the past and future.

Birds are like messengers and the rare glimpse of the Eagle reminded me to rise above the minutiae of my current life and see the big picture. In the Medicine Cards book by Jamie Sams and David Carson, the eagle represents Spirit and the connection to the Divine in Native American medicine.

The power of Eagle “is the ability to live in the realm of spirit and yet remain connected and balanced to the realm of earth.” I was being reminded to “soar above the mundane levels of my life and broaden my sense of self beyond the horizon of what is presently visible.”

The invitation to attack the fears that limit me was just what I needed.

Coming home to an empty house after the Holidays is always a challenge for me. My husband Jo and two cats Minx and Linus were back at Red mountain and the house always feels strangely quiet. There is a temptation when I am home alone, to console myself by the fire with TV binge-watching.

But when I looked out the airplane window at the sun setting high above a carpet of threatening storm clouds, I knew this time was going to be different. A brilliant band of blue and gold shown along the horizon in a clear and majestic sky. Below, over the city of Oakland was a fierce rainstorm and as the plane descended into the foreboding clouds, it became black and stayed that way for what seemed like forever.

There it was again, the same message of eagle depicted in the sky to rise above the “muddled mess” I often feel inside when faced with the tasks of getting my book published and increasing my social media presence.

That clear sky and distant horizon is always there even when my earthly life seems overwhelmed by tasks, and challenges.

The next day I received another rare gift from my feathered friends. Once a year, a flock of two dozen or more Robins move through my wooded neighborhood splashing and singing in the creek below my house.

They appear just for an afternoon and then move on as they migrate south. I was privileged to witness their joy and the brilliance of their rust-colored bellies on this grey and rainy day. They reminded me that there are many earthly delights in life right in front of me. All at once I felt at home and happy to be on this planet.

What’s your challenge for the new year and how will you choose to expand your horizons?

Are you craving a change in your personal style as you set your sights on new opportunities?

The Friend Your Body to Rock Your Style online group program is designed to help you embrace your body and strut your style in a safe and supportive private group of like-minded women.

Look what Melissa has to say about the program:

“I 100% recommend Linda! I had an amazing conversation with her loved learning more about my *Mar’s body type* so I can give myself permission to unlock parts of me I didn’t realize I was hiding. She’s AMAZING!! Her group is going to be aaaaawesome!”

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Feeling Good in Your Body and Personal Style in 2019


Now that Christmas has passed, are you thinking about what you want to shift or change for yourself in 2019?

The vast majority of New Year’s resolutions are focused on people wanting to take better care of their bodies either by diet, exercise, or stress-reduction. They want to feel better physically and mentally than they did the year before.

If you want to feel better in your body, you have a noble and important desire that deserves to be fulfilled-not temporarily- but with lasting results. 

If you are like most women, you want to feel great in your clothes and confident in your own skin but pouring resources and energy into society’s diet and fitness culture fails 95% of the time. Weight loss resolutions beat out having more sex, traveling more, reading more books, quitting smoking and finding love, so why does this seem so difficult to accomplish?

I believe it’s because we are not taught to connect with and trust our own bodies to tell us what we need. Extreme diet culture is about quick fixes and profiting off your discontentment. It’s about doing things to your body like it’s an object, not the intelligent and amazing vessel you live in.

This year, I want to offer women a completely new lens through which to see and appreciate their bodies that will produce newfound and lasting confidence, body acceptance and joy. And guess what?

It’s not about struggle, discipline, or punishing workouts. In fact, it’s done in the wonderful context of fashion and style.

Yes, this option is FUN and ENLIGHTENING!

Now you can learn to connect with and trust your body and celebrate personal style in my new safe and nurturing six-week group program; Friend Your Body to Rock Your Style launching on January 21st!

Over the course of 6 weeks you will:

Appreciate your body in a brand-new way

Feel beautifully balanced in your clothes

Discover your planetary body-type

Rock your newly defined style

Celebrate your fashion looks with your Stellar Beauty sisters


  • 1-hour VIP private call with Linda
  • The House of Style Wardrobe Reorg Kit ($300 value)
  • 6 Ask the Expert group calls
  • 6 Walk the Runway Style Insights
  • Membership in the private Friend Your Body to Rock Your Style Facebook group
  • 5 handouts
  • 6 video recordings

You will to learn to be step into your body with lasting confidence and style.

Register today and save $300

Subtle Shades of Style: Find Your Style Vibe

You have a built-in style meter that intuitively knows your personal style vibe. Fashion intuition exists in all women whether you love clothes or feel you don’t have a clue about them. Have you ever had the wonderful pleasure of wearing an outfit that makes you feel free and confident in yourself? If so, you tapped in to your personal style vibe. (If not, no worries, I am here to help ?)

Imagine the head to toe details of this look and ask yourself, “What parts of this look were feminine and what parts more masculine?” This is one of the best ways to gauge your personal style vibe.

To get a clearer idea of feminine and masculine fashion, make sure you take the Yin/Yang Style Quiz (click here). Your results will show you which styles support the characteristics of your unique features and inner temperament.

I am going to help you tap into your style vibe by demonstrating how a simple collection of six garments that range from ultra-feminine to tough tomboy and three pair of shoes can generate a host of different style vibes. The pieces you see are straight out of my own wardrobe except the black men’s tie. I borrowed it from my hubby. (I love my denim shirt and it does have a matching narrow tie, but I didn’t have it for this photo shoot.) I lean to the more feminine side in my style and have lots of dresses and skirts in my wardrobe.

The most important fashion pieces to consider when creating your style vibe are in this order: 

  1. Top   
  2. Bottom   
  3. Shoes  
  4. Other accessories (jewelry, handbag, belt, scarf)  
  5. Third Layer (jacket, coat, sweater, vest)


Here are the items you will see in the following pictures:

YIN SKIRT: Cream silk taffeta, floaty and flared

YIN TOP: Green and white, ruffled chiffon blouse

YIN COAT: Metallic green, fit and flare jacket

YIN SHOES: Green bejeweled and brocaded slip-on mules

YIN BELT: Green sequin encrusted sparkly belt

YANG PANTS: Embroidered boyfriend jeans

YANG TOP: Denim shirt

YANG COAT: Bronze Down Puffy jacket

YANG SHOES: Green pointy-toe cowboy boots

YANG SHOES: Cream perforated sneaker

YANG TIE: Black Menswear tie


From the outfits below, which style vibe(s) do you like best?

Which one(s) would you wear?

Which one(s) would you not wear?


If you chose A or B, your style vibe is clearly feminine. Anything worn exclusively by women like dresses and skirts are a big part of the feminine wardrobe. The following style elements also express femininity:

Light, bright colors/ Translucent, soft, luminous, shiny fabrics/ floral and other feminine prints/ fluid, floaty, flared, flowy, ruffled, gathered shirred, swishy or body-hugging styles/ Intricate details like beading, embroidery, applique, metallics, lace, ruffles/ open necklines, empire waistlines, peplum flared tops and jackets. Feminine accessories include high heels, delicate sling backs, open toe pumps, pretty kitten heels, ballet flats/ Purses in soft leather and rounded shapes/ Jewelry that is delicate, small scale, sparkly and in curved shapes.


If you chose C, you like a relaxed feminine Yin look. Work with your accessories to change the style vibe from all feminine to a slightly more tomboy, relaxed look like the perforated cream sneakers shown in C. Loosening the top and wearing it out over the skirt is another way to subtly make a feminine outfit more Yang. 


If you chose D, you like to contrast feminine elements with one strong masculine style like the boyfriend jeans. 

If you chose E or F, your style vibe is clearly masculine. Items that men would also wear and have a much more androgynous appeal are a big part of the Yang wardrobe. Items like shirts, baseball or graphic tees, Bomber and military jackets are Yang. The following style elements also express masculinity:

Dark, muted colors/ Opaque, resilient, more weighted fabrics like denim and leather/ menswear and geometric prints/ Styles that drape or are constructed in straight or diagonal lines, Structured, boxy, or pleated styles that hold their shape without much movement, loose on-the body styles, solid colors, few details or embellishment, and modest necklines. Masculine accessories include men’s style loafers, oxfords, brogues, sneakers, flats, boots, chunky sandals/ Handbags that are hard leather, square shapes, backpacks/ Jewelry that is bold, large scale, geometric or made from antiqued, distressed or earthy materials.

If you chose G, you like a softer Yang look. Work with your accessories to change the style vibe from all Yang to a slightly softer look like the green sequin encrusted sparkly belt shown in G.

If you chose H, you like to contrast feminine elements with one strong masculine style like the boyfriend jeans shown in H.

What’s your style vibe?

Pretty and Feminine Yin (A & B)

Relaxed Feminine Yin (C)

Dominant Feminine Yin with strong Tomboy Yang contrast (D)

True Tomboy Yang (E &F)

Soft Tomboy Yang (G)

Dominant Tomboy Yang with strong feminine Yin contrast (F)


Let’s talk about your wardrobe! Book your free consultation (here) to find out how to create your Personal Style Vibe with your own clothes.

Four Types of Masculine Clothes for the Yang Woman

Four Types of Masculine Clothes for the Yang Woman

You might be one of those women who prefers more masculine clothes to the classic feminine ruffles, lace and body-hugging styles. If you dislike dresses and skirts and wear only pants, then you are at the far end of the masculine style spectrum. But what if you want more variety in your wardrobe and don’t mind wearing dresses? Never fear, Linda is here! I’ve got some Yang dresses for you that won’t compromise your “oh, so cool” style!

There are four different types of masculine looks that appeal to women who love tomboy styles. Before I describe them in detail, first decide whether your inner temperament, face and body are Masculine Yang.  If you haven’t already taken the Yin/Yang Style Quiz, click here to discover if you are more Feminine Yin or Masculine Yang.

The Yang face boasts chiseled contours and sharp features. Her angled jawline is either squared or triangular. The linear and strong Yang body is blessed with broad shoulders and relatively small hips. The Yang temperament pushes energy out to make change in the world.  Yang women are movers and shakers who inspire others to take action.

Masculine Yang style uses or interprets menswear in some way and has a more laid-back fashion vibe than Feminine Yin style. Masculine Yang women like hearty, resilient fabrics, classic colors and menswear looks including low-heeled shoes like sneakers, loafers, and lug sole boots. If this doesn’t describe you, read last week’s article The Four Types of Feminine Clothes for the Feminine Yin Woman.

Which Masculine Yang dress would you wear?

Striking Masculine Yang: Solar Power Style

The Striking Yang dress is bold and sexy in a clear and simple way. It’s a no fuss style that turns the usual understated classics into daring looks like this gold sweater mini-dress or black leather ensemble of Solar Power Tina Turner. Striking Yang women like bold colors, metallics, substantial fabrics and key accessories to draw attention to their striking facial features and intense energy.

Edgy Masculine Yang: Mars Style

Edgy Yang style combines fashion forward looks with a strong street style vibe. Edgy Yang women look great in asymmetric hemlines, one-shouldered sleeves and dynamic diagonal line patterns that mimic the angles of her face and the “v” shaped torso. They wear classics in unexpected ways. Minnie Driver is a perfect example of a Mars type, and her yellow Edgy Yang dress complements her physical features beautifully. Not one to blend in with the crowd, Edgy Yang women love architectural looks and substantial fabrics like denim and leather.

Streamlined Masculine Yang: Mercury Style

Streamlined Yang style is clean, sleek and simple and sophisticated. Although they prefer to be in jeans and blazers, streamlined Yang women stick to no-nonsense, no-frills classic dresses like this plaid sheath dress. Mercury Katie Couric has a perfect streamlined Yang style that is never overdressed or accessorized. The simplicity of her look draws more attention to her message and not to herself.

Boyfriend Masculine Yang: Saturn Style

Boyfriend Yang style reinvents menswear for women and works great for the long, linear and androgynous woman like Saturn Amelia Earhart. Boyfriend Yang women wear pieces that men would also wear and like to be in pants most of the time. Shirt dresses like this blue pinstripe worn with masculine shoes like sneakers or boots is their version of a dress. The key for Boyfriend Yang style is comfort with loose and linear lines.

Would you like to refine your style and learn what garments work best for your body? Click here to book a free 30-minute consultation with Linda!

Dress photo credit: Net-a-Porter

The Four Types of Feminine Clothes for the Feminine Yin Woman

The Four Types of Feminine Clothes for the Feminine Yin Woman

What’s your idea of feminine clothes? Girly lace and ruffles or tight leather and body-hugging knits?

There are four different types of feminine looks that appeal to women who love feminine styles. Before I describe them in detail, first decide whether your inner temperament, face and body are Feminine Yin.

Take the Yin Yang Style Quiz (click here) to discover if you are more Feminine Yin or Masculine Yang. The Feminine Yin woman loves to wear skirts, dresses and feminine shoes. If this doesn’t describe you, you may prefer pants, tomboy styles and low-heeled shoes. (Don’t miss next week’s article about the four types of masculine styles for the Masculine Yang woman).

The Yin face is defined by soft curves and rounded features with no chiseled edges or points. A Yin body is also blessed with rounded, soft curves that are fullest at her hip line. The Yin temperament absorbs the world around her and reflects it back through artistic, exploratory, intuitive or visionary means.

The Four Types of Feminine Clothes for the Feminine Yin Woman

The four types of Feminine Yin fashion styles are soft, ethereal, sexy and dramatic. Let’s look at the types of women whose features are beautifully enhanced by these feminine styles.

Soft Feminine Yin: Lunar Style

Of all the women who are built for soft, feminine styles, Lunar is blessed with the physical and internal qualities that resonate best with softness. Like Kristen Schaal below, Lunar has no protruding bones or taut muscles to break the fluid, curved lines of her supple body. Her oval face with round forehead and small round chin is dominated by her soulful, round eyes that slope downward and often mist up with emotion when she talks. Like a gently flowing waterfall, her cascading shoulders and hips beautifully enhance her subtle personality.

Soft, draping styles like this burgundy ruffled dress below are perfect for Lunar. Muted colors and luminous accessories like pearls also work well.

Ethereal Feminine Yin: Solar Style

The Ethereal Feminine Yin style works wonderfully well on petite, small-boned women with effervescent energy like 1920’s film star Lillian Gish. Lillian exemplified the Solar body type with a bright, light and engaging temperament. Solar literally sparkles when she smiles and walks with a lift in her step.

Her dainty features and bubbling personality call for light, translucent, buoyant garments that float and lift on her body like this effervescent dress with delicate details.

Sexy Feminine Yin: Venus Style

The woman with round curves and a natural waist like Christina Hendricks is built for the sexy, feminine style. As a Venus, Christina’s voluptuous body shows no signs of hard edges and her face is ripe with fully curved cheeks, eyes and lips.

Medium weight fabrics with both substance and stretch like this red, ribbed knit dress are perfect for the Venus body type.

Dramatic Feminine Yin: Jupiter Style

The Dramatic Feminine Yin style is for the bold, large-boned, curvy woman like Queen Latifah who wants to stand out.

Like Jupiter, Queen Latifah plays to her size, strength and power with bold colors, large-scale prints and exotic touches. Eye-catching fabrics with weight and substance add to the drama of this feminine type.

If you would like to know more about the Feminine Yin styles that work for your individual body type and personality, let’s talk. Book a free 30-minute consultation here!

I look forward to speaking with you and finding out your wardrobe and style needs!

Dress photo credit: Net-A-Porter

Five Easy Velvet Pieces: How to Buy Velvet for the Holidays and Avoid the One-Time "Holiday" Look

Five Easy Velvet Pieces: How to Buy Velvet for the Holidays and Avoid the One-Time “Holiday” Look

The best reason to buy velvet this season is something every woman loves – it’s soft. For those of you facing a cold winter, velvet is even more irresistible for its cozy plushness. Can’t you just picture yourself snuggling up to a crackling fire with good friends wearing your favorite velvet something?

The trick in buying velvet now for the holidays (this is the time to do it, not a day before your event! Lol ?) is to think of these pieces as a regular part of your core wardrobe. If your velvet dream can be worn to parties, business and casual gatherings, you have found a winner.  Velvet is so popular this season – there is something for everyone – even the most masculine Yang women who prefer menswear styles over dresses.

Silk velvet was the fabric of royalty because of its expense and high volume of silk thread needed to produce it.  Velvet has also been associated with vintage clothes, but modern velvet styles come in everything from shoes to button-down shirts.

Velvet is one of those fabrics that has a life of its own, which is to say, the lustrous texture creates its own highlights and shadows. Velvet draws attention to itself and drapes beautifully on the body – not too limp or stiff. Be prepared to be touched by people when you wear velvet! It has the same sensuous appeal as a soft kitten.

Velvet is typically made by weaving two cloths face to face and then cutting it in half with a sharp knife. Velvet can be embossed like wide wale corduroy, crushed, cut, burnt-out and printed on. But not all velvet is the same.

Silk velvet has the most sensuous luster and drapes beautifully. It is very expensive, won’t hold up to wet weather, and is delicate.

Cotton velvet is cool and breathable like silk, but isn’t as lustrous. Cotton velvet doesn’t lend itself to too much stretch either, so it works well in structured garments like blazers or purses.

Microfiber velvet is light and stretchy, yet durable and stain-resistant, but doesn’t breathe like cotton or silk. Same goes for polyester velvet. Man-made velvets are best in lightweight garments, not big sweaters or bulky sweatpants.

The super-stretch velvets are made with added spandex and work wonderfully for fitted tops or wrap dresses. My favorite velvets are a mixture of natural and man-made materials like cotton and spandex.

Velvet is Not for You if:

1. You don’t like people smiling at you or perhaps touching your arm.?
2. You only like rugged fabrics or high-tech sportswear.
3. You are super understated and want to blend in to your environment.

How to Avoid Velvet “One-Timers:”

1. Colors – Don’t buy Christmas red or green, burgundy or black unless these colors look really fabulous on you. Even then, a Christmas red velvet dress will always be associated with Mrs. Santa’s get-up! ?  Go for richer tones like persimmon, espresso, and deep forest green or neutrals like khaki, ivory or gray.

2. Go modern and buy masculine Yang pieces in velvet like oxford loafers, button-down shirts, track pants or pleated trousers.

3. Touches of velvet on handbags, pockets, necklines or shoes is a fun way to get in on the trend without a full commitment.

Five Easy Velvet Pieces:

1. Casual Boho Velvet Dress: Johnny Was, Delphine 3/4 Sleeve Tunic Dress, plus size.

2. Velvet Flats: Zappos Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats.

3. Work or Play Velvet Shirtdress: Anthropologie shirtdress in Ivory.

4. Day to Evening Velvet Pleated Trousers: Net-A-Porter Marques’ Almeida belted wide leg pants in gold.

5. After-ski velvet shirt: Anthropologie.

If you would like to know more about how to incorporate velvet pieces into your wardrobe, click here for a free thirty-minute consultation. I would love to talk to you!

The Secret to Balancing Your Body’s Width Proportions

The Secret to Balancing Your Body’s Width Proportions

The secret to balancing your body with fashion lies in the knowledge of your frame’s proportions. In the last two articles, I explained the importance of knowing your upper and lower body lengths  and your waist placement, and today we are going to compare the width of your shoulders to your hips by lining them up at your side with the carpenter’s tape. If your shoulders and hips differ in width, certain sleeve styles and skirt/pant silhouettes can help them appear balanced.

Before we do this comparison, grab a carpenter’s tape and dress in workout clothes that are fitted to your body so you can clearly see your shoulder and hip widths.

Take a look at the illustration below showing how to measure your width proportions to see where the widest parts of your frame are located. Find the top, outermost part of your humerus (upper arm bone), called the greater tubercle. This is the structural point that defines your upper body width and moves when you rotate your arm.

Now locate the top, outermost point of your femur (upper leg bone) called the greater trochanter. This is the structural point that defines your lower body width. You can feel it moving when you rotate your leg.

Now we are ready to compare the width of your shoulders and hips. Extend the carpenter’s tape down from your widest shoulder point to the floor and anchor it between your legs with your foot. With a relaxed arm at your side, grasp hold of the tape and line it up against your widest shoulder and hip points. The tape will cross over your arm.

How did the tape line up? Is it vertically straight or is it at an angle? The model in the illustration has broader shoulders than hips. Her rib cage/shoulder blades are wide compared to her narrow pelvic girdle. How about you?

The Secret to Balancing Your Body’s Width Proportions
1. (Far left) My hips are wider than my shoulders. _____

2. (Center) My shoulders are wider than my hips. _____

3. (Far right) My shoulders and hips are even in width. _____



If you picked number 3 and your shoulder/hip widths are even, the key is to keep them balanced. If you wear a top with poofy sleeves, wear a full skirt. Inset sleeves that line up right at your shoulders are best worn with a pencil skirt or straight pants.

If your width proportions differ, the key is to mirror your widest proportion in the opposite part of the body. For example, broad shoulders are mirrored with an A-line skirt. Broad hips are mirrored by gathered, puffy sleeves. Here are some more suggestions:

To visually balance wide shoulders with small hips, wear:

a) A-line or full skirt with a fitted top
b) Full pants with fitted or tailored top
c) Halter or t-back tops
d) Raglan sleeves (baseball shirt style)


a) Poofy sleeves, epaulets, shoulder pads
b) Boat neck tops
c) Skinny pants with a full top or jacket
d) Fitted skirt with boxy top or jacket

To visually balance full hips with small shoulders, wear:

a) Shoulder pads, gathered and poofed sleeves, epaulets
b) Boat neck and off-shoulder tops, bertha collar
c) Paneled, gored or mermaid skirts


a) Raglan sleeves (baseball shirt style), strapless dresses or tops
b) Fitted tops and sleeves with full skirts and pants

If you would like to know more about how to dress for your individual proportions, click here for a free thirty-minute consultation. I would love to talk to you!

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