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 width=“I have shopped with Linda for years in San Francisco with great success. She helped me transform my wardrobe from hum drum and mismatched to a host of beautiful pieces in complementary colors. Shirts I buy one year magically match trousers or sweaters I buy the next. Thanks to Linda, I am not constantly starting over from season to season, but am refining and honing my look from year to year. Linda is not only a stylist, she has also become a great friend. We recently met in Paris and she planned an amazing custom shopping experience for me. I am ready to go again!”


“Linda Buckman has brought vibrant color, impeccable style and gorgeous fashion in to my life in a way I never could have imagined. She has a flair and great talent for helping people create their own signature style. My life has been transformed since I started working with Linda and I am deeply grateful.”

Alana Leigh, Alana Leigh Atelier Jewelry Designs

“ I learned so much from Linda. I now understand and am excited to integrate warm colors in my makeup, clothes and environment. It’s like a whole new way to see the world. After Linda did my makeup, I felt so beautiful on the inside that I’m not sure what or who I expected to see in the mirror.

I’ve never thought of myself as being beautiful. But Linda helped shift my perception of myself on the inside and now I am open to accepting and enhancing the outer beauty I possess. Linda is intuitive and very kind, as well as beautiful—a wonderful example by the way!”


“Linda proved that I could look beautiful and better over fifty. Her wardrobe and makeup strategies took 20 pounds off my face. I didn’t believe it until I was whistled at from a man half my age!”

Ann Peaslee, Author

“Linda Buckman made me look beautiful on my wedding day. In fact, everyone she touched looked fantastic. Her calm and pleasant demeanor made her great to work with. I recommend her without reservation.”

Carol Barret Huang

My consultation with Linda Buckman was excellent and life-altering in a very positive way. Her advice on colors was extremely helpful. I have received many compliments from family, friends and co-workers.”

Harriet Borofsky

“Linda Buckman is a godsend. Thanks to Linda, I can focus on the demands of running a company and look great while I’m doing it. Her sense of style and client service can’t be matched. Her total commitment to taking care of all my image needs has had a wonderful, positive impact on me. Getting dressed in the morning has never been so easy.

Deborah Miller

“Linda Buckman is a treat to work with. I greatly appreciate her time and interest in helping me and thoroughly enjoy her delightful company.”

Pam Pacelli

“I have been a client of Linda’s for over ten years and she has come to my rescue many times. She is an extraordinarily lovely and patient woman.”

Marcie Arnesty-Olian

“Meeting and working with Linda has been one of the most positive experiences I have had in the last 15 months. She has not only transformed my wardrobe, but has helped me achieve the style and image I wanted to project with flair and grace. She is tremendously talented, creative and intuitive and has been able to highlight my positive attributes, and at the same time gently wean me away from the style mistakes of my past (e.g. how many pairs of black pants do you really need?). I am not a shopper, and have always been frustrated by spending hours scouring stores for just the right clothes and fit to always come away disappointed and feeling as if I “settled”. Linda is able to find the styles and colors that work for my body style and lifestyle, and has also introduced me to a fabulous tailor that can ensure the perfect fit. And she knows just how to accessorize an outfit, and will always recommend the perfect jewelry and colors to accent my best features and personality! And the treasures she finds on her Paris shopping trips! I always look forward to her trips abroad and have complete confidence she will find the perfect items that quickly become some of my favorite pieces.”

Carolyn Brackett, VP Cyber source

Before Linda I didn’t know it was possible to be a woman vice president in my company and still dress genuinely for myself. She showed me how to balance my external presentation with my personality and self-perception and now my image matches who I am: powerful and every bit as feminine”

Carmen Carey

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